Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Season parking

I finally took the plunge and paid for season parking at work. And I got sick the next day! I reason with myself that the reason why I don't buy the season pass is public holidays and days when I get sick and that's often and it's not worth it.

When I finally 'man up' and paid for it, I'm out 1 day. Fucking hell and I'm jinxed.

It could be a coincidence... I don't really know coz I've been suffering from sore throat since Merdeka weekend. And this morning really kicks in with a fever. Doc said that it look sore and infected. Hell yeah! How else did the bloody fever come on?

And when I'm not at work, the whole fucking world is looking for me. When I'm so damn available nobody wanna call me...cursed I tell you.

I will think twice about season parking next month!


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