Sunday, September 23, 2012

Beauty Box by Fabulous Finds

There are so many interesting things in life that I don't know about especially beauty products. I'm either ignorant or plain lazy. But I think I'm leaning more towards the latter. There are no ugly women in the world, just lazy ones - a quote by Coco Chanel.

Beauty box by Fabulous Finds was introduced to me by my bff Ms AY. She is an online scavenger and she said that she had too much time on hand. She is partially a "tai tai" now who owns a mischievious and naughty guinea pig.

She got me the beauty box subscription as a gift for my birthday back in August and so far I've received my 2nd box of surprise. To be honest, this is kinda exciting not knowing what you're gonna get the following month. This is a highly suitable gift for yourself and a girlfriend. You get to reward yourself with beauty products that you would not normally purchase.

What type of people should consider subscribing to a beauty box service :
- you're not sure whether a certain brand of beauty products suits your skin type
- you don't want to buy full size products in case you hated it
- too busy to scoure for new products but open to try new things
- you love beauty products (period!)
- you get bored easily but love surprises
- you love luxury beauty products but not willing to part with your hard earned moolah

What if I don't like the products that was sent to me ?
- give it away to someone who wants it
- swap the product with someone in exchange for a product that you want (bff's idea and it's brilliant!)
- use it on your pet (just kidding!)

Here are the photos of 2 of my beauty box :

My August beauty box.

My September beauty box.

So far I love it. And I love sample size products coz it's fantastic for travelling. Lightweight, compact and I can bring more variety. I am not paid by them to write about this. I just thought that this would be something great to share with all the ladies who love the same thing as I do and an idea for the guys who are scratching their head wondering what to buy for their lady love. is the website that my bff ordered for me and herself. There are many others offering the same service. But I love Fabulous Finds packaging and it's in pink!


  1. HELLO,
    how do i pay for this box?

  2. Jesh,

    AFAIK, Fabulous Finds had just ceased operations due to health issues.
    Alternately, you may want to check out other beauty boxes :)


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