Saturday, December 29, 2012

Weekend Project : Totoro Card Holder

I did not drive to work yesterday so I tumpang my bro's car to the Curve after work. We got there in no time, one of the perks of going to PJ from KL on a Friday. I normally reach home pretty late on Fridays because of the stupid traffic.

And so, we head over to Starbucks for a drink first and decide for a place to go for dinner. The boys came over shortly after and time for toilet break. I noticed that there are some stalls in the concourse area of the Curve selling Christmas stuff (still!) and could not resist checking it out.

There was a particular stall that sells DIY felt products. I have always been curious about making one and whether I will be able to complete it 100%. Mr Hubs bought 3 ; 2 for me and 1 for his sister. I got a Totoro Card Holder and Super Mario Bros iPhone sleeve. For his sister, it's a Doraemon iPhone sleeve.

The packaging that caught my attention in the first place.
All of the content.

The materials provided are 3 different colour threads, 1 needle, various felt fabrics, 2 black beads, 1 set of cut velcro and 1 pack of plastic card holder.

Instructions in Chinese. Bah! I don't know what it says.

Arrange the felt fabric to have an idea on where to start.

Start off with some simple stitching. You will notice that my stitching suck, it has been a few good years since I last picked up a needle.

First draft done.

Add another creature into the base. Black beads for eyes and some additional stitching for legs.

Stitch the velcro on plus the 2 acorns on different base.

Tadah! The finish product and I did not stitch the japanese characters after the acorn coz I don't know what it says and don't want to look like a fool holding this when it says stuff like, "I like shit".

Slot in the plastic card holder.

I'm not good at blanket stitching so the finished product looks horrible.

The back of the Totoro card holder.

It took me a good couple of hours to complete this. With the occasional delay for toilet break, surfing the Net but it's a Saturday well-spent. I'm giving to Mr Hubs because I think he will appreciate receiving a gift from me which he paid for.


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