Sunday, December 9, 2012


Thirst 2012 is an annual electronic music festival organised by Future Sound Asia and Heineken Malaysia. The drawing factor this year is Avicii coz I'm a big fan of his song Silhouette. I was at Thirst 2011 because Tiesto was spinning. When will it be Armin Van Buuren or ATB ? I know ATB is old but he's still very good.

Met some of my crazy colleagues at Thirst 2012 in Sepang. Had a blast and some beer. Yes, I had beer. Those who know me knows that I don't drink. I have to drink a lil at a rave party or I'll be too sober and can't enjoy the music. I can't dance, the most I could do is jump like a crazy woman. I did and regret it coz my muscle hurts now. Too old to go to a rave party.

We (me, Mr Hubs and my son Mr JL) arrived at Sepang Paddock around 10-ish - 11pm. Parked the car and walk over to the shuttle van area. Thank God that we did not have to walk all the way in. (Lazy MF!) First thing that came to view is the back stage of the Main Stage. Above & Beyond is already halfway through their set.

The party go-ers mesmerized by Above & Beyond. Dandelion in the background.  The smart ass (me) forgot to bring my camera. So all the photos are taken with my lousy iPhone 3Gs. Human photos are taken with Mr Hubs' iPhone 4s. 

VIP area - good service by the Heineken girls and cleaners. They clear the tables constantly and sweep the floors off rubbish and cigarette butts.

A closer view of WISH the 50 ft LED dandelion. Not very clear.

Me and Mr Hubs. Happy and merry. The old farts at a rave party :)

Me and Mr JL (my son)

Mr JL (fashion extraordinaire)  also, Mr AL (dai lou), Ms TM (DCL and designer), Mr IL (swag), Mr JL (my son) and me.

Ms TM, Mr AL (in shades), Mr JL and me.

Super dancers aka Party People. No gangnam style tonight folks! Mr AL, Ms TM and Ms SL.

Ms TM dancing on a platform to Above & Beyond. Fluid movement.

Mr AL aka Prince Hello Kitty. Praying to Avicii's music. Is that bright light a halo ? I think not!

Me as a drunk Hello Kitty. 

Last but not least, a confirm drunk man lying on the floor outside the portable loo. Passerby just buat tak tahu. His friends must be arseholes to have left him there. Haha... 

Avicii is the last DJ on the main stage. And it finishes sharp at 2am. He did layan us with an extra one song and that's it. There was fireworks display a couple of time throughout the night. The longest and biggest one was while Avicii spins the last song. As I've forgotten to bring my camera, I did not snap any photo of the firework. What a waste! 

A fight between 2 Chinese guys while we were exiting the event. Apparently they were fighting over a girl *yawn*. It's super Ah Beng of them to do that and the girl is not even pretty. But I guess the saying, "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" is true or they were having "beer goggles". Everything/Everyone look so much better when you're drunk.

Nitey nite or should I say Good Morning ?


  1. you can never be too old 2 Partttty...If I ask gopi 2 go he'll say U go n i'll sit at home..Now that's n uncle

  2. whole body ache... have to sleep half a day away to rejuvenate


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