Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rainy days are scary days

i was in kk yesterday for work and had to fly back to base in the afternoon after a minimum rest of 13 hours...on the way to the airport was jammed coz it was raining cats & dogs. it took us forever to get there. almost dozed off and went into dreamland.

when we finally arrived at the airport, we have to get our bags scanned twice. after that, we reached the bay and there was not many passengers around. good news~ light load. but alas! after checking with the ground staff our flt was full. damn! we never have such good luck as it is the school holiday season now and everyone is rushing into their holidays. sometimes i wonder whether these people need to work or not.

more bad news to come~
our aircraft have not arrived! and my colleagues went off for a quick lunch. they practically have to wolf down their lunch coz we had no idea what time the aircraft is arriving.
by the time we got back to the bay, we were told that the aircraft have not arrived due to heavy rain. that was also the pilots' guess. the sky was clouded by dark black clouds.

the airport was freaking cold with the full blast aircond and heavy rain outside. we sat there and waited closed to 2 and a half hours. a lot of passengers were stranded there. looking lost and so were we. some even took up their courage to ask us whether they are at the right place to board the plane. we told them yes and ask them to wait. it was like pigs waiting to be slaughtered.

after a long wait, we spotted an aircraft approaching. our hopes were up but it was an airbus 330. no such luck~ and a few more minutes after that another aircraft approach. it was another airbus 330. dang!

we saw some pilots coming out and kepoh our way over to ask the whereabout of our aircraft. apparently our aircraft was holding in the air for a while and due to shortage of fuel, the aircraft have to divert back to the previous station to wait for the rain to ease before another attempt of take off and landing.


finally when our aircraft has arrived, we board the plane and get to work (fast!) because we have another 2 sectors to go. safety equipments were checked and catering had arrived to load the meals for our hungry passengers. we put on our best smile (despite the long delay and exhaustion from waiting...) and greet our beloved passengers.

a man came in with his laptop bag and he stopped in front of me and asked me, "excuse me miss. is it safe to put my laptop there?" (pointing at the overhead compartment)

i smiled at him and replied, " well, the overhead compartment are for bags and that's where the rest of the passengers put their bags. however, if you feel that it is not safe, you may place your bag underneath your seat" (and smile a bigger smile eventhough i think he's a moron)

anyhow, the rest of the boarding was smooth sailing. and we prepare for take off.
after serving the meals, and 2-3 rounds of tray collections. we sat down to have our long anticipated meal.

a male passenger who had nothing to do and bored outta his brain came to the galley area to chitchat. we are really hungry and had no time to layan him. so we just ate. and he walked off. i know this sounds really bad and seem very mean of us but we are only human and need food to operate.

we ate in silence and for once breathe a sigh of relieve. our stomachs are once again yummy~

part of the job is to walk around the cabin to check on the passengers needs and wants. and this time a lady came up to me.
"excuse me miss. how come it's so cold today? normally the cabin is warm"
"well, madam as you can see. it rained heavily today hence the coldness. but i've already informed the captain to increase the cabin temperature. so don't worry it will not be cold after this."
"is it?" ( she looks at the windows)
(me thinking to myself...oh gosh...we're flying so high up in the air. how are you gonna see the rain)

i smiled at her and walked off.

sometimes, there are just a too many moronic people out there. and as a cabin crew there is nothing that we can do. coz we can't help this people to develop their brain.


  1. One of my colleagues left a notebook bag on top compartment of a bus once. When he got off, he found old newspaper inside, where his notebook used to be.

    Note to self: When crew is eating in the kitchen, don't kakaciauciau...

  2. at least give us time to eat and den we can talk until good next time..haha


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