Tuesday, June 22, 2010


we celebrated father's day a day earlier not because of kiasu-ness . but yours truly is working on 20th june. yeah! it sucks to work on sunday. any given sunday for that matter.

we will normally celebrate it with the whole family, meaning uncles & aunties and grandparents. but since my grandpa passed away last year, we've decided to have a private dinner this year. it's just my dad, mom, brother, sister & hubby.

and knowing chinese family we normally go to a chinese restaurant and have a bloody 9 course dinner. thank god to my "open to change" dad, he suggested japanese food and he chose Hanazen at jaya one. i know where the hell the place is but have never set foot there before for many reasons.

  • i'm not a craze jap foodie
  • i don't eat raw fish
  • no money to eat coz it's normally expensive
  • no patience to wait for the table coz it's always full irregardless of which jap outlet
  • no jap chef. all chinese "mata sepet" chef only
however, this time i make the exception coz it's father's day. anyhow, when we got there voila! no available table (duh!) coz we didn't make any reservation.

the chefs are all "cina beng" (didn't see any good lookings one). and the bill came up to rm300 plus. so far i've been complaining but it was actually a fun night.

from the moment we go to the restaurant, we started cam whoring. it's out of boredom coz it took forever to get a table. if i'm lucky, i get to have dinner with my family once a week. sometimes once in 2 weeks. once again i blame the rostering department (gotta point my finger at something right?)

dad looked extremely happy and encouraged me to order the kobe beef but i decline graciously. coz it's expensive and i'm stingy. and whatever that goes into my stomach will eventually out down south so why waste it? my digestive is super efficient. so no-no don't waste good shit (pardon the pun).

i opt for sukiyaki instead coz it's soup based with lots of veg (good for health) and a few slices of beef (cheap ass stuff but taste good). dad ordered sushi platter but the plate is too plain and not decorative enough coz it's rm60 (a platter). can't remember the rest of the dishes coz i'm not fluent with jap menu.

it's great to see how happy my family is. i am grateful for the love and joy we have as a family. anyway, enough nonsense already.

Happy Father's Day to my dad (you may visit his blog if you're interested) and to all father around the world.

by the way, mr indy wishes mr husband a "Happy Father's Day" too. he is grateful to you for feeding him when mommy is not around. she must be busy gallivanting somewhere or busy sleeping. with love mr indy the cutie.


  1. WOI.... food-ish blog without food photos?
    iphone camera not good enuff izzit?

    p/s nice rabbit.

    p/p/s happy belated fathers day.

  2. u know the reason already since i told u in person earlier this evening.
    will post photo when i have the time.
    been very bz hence the gap in between blogs :)

  3. aiya. thats what I mean la, use ur sexy pink iphone, then you dont need to wait for others' photos. :-).
    Izzit possible add in photos into your current blogs?


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