Monday, October 17, 2011

I love Sumi-ka Japanese Grill

We are crazy nom-ster because we are Malaysian. Proud to be one and will always be one. I will write about my noms-capade regardless of it being interesting or boring. This is my blog and I shall blog about whatever I like.

Not so recent and not quite long ago, Ms CAV had the notion to try out this place in Subang call Sumi-ka in SS15. We are aware that there are plenty of authentic Japanese restaurants in that area but what makes them so special? Sumi-ka only opens in the evenings and requires reservation. Most of their patrons are Japanese and it goes to show how good they are. You don't see Japanese eating at Sushi King...haha suck dat!

To be honest, we were not dissapointed with the food and that's y me and Mr Hubs went back for a second time. If you're not a big eater, it probably won't costs much as the price is per stick depending on what you order. But the same can't be said about me and Mr Hubs as we have an appetite for good food. (who doesn't?)

Enough nonsense. Let's take a look at the visuals...a picture paints a thousand words...

The master chef at work. I salute him for his durability towards the grill. It's hot and smoky. And he has a system that never goes wrong. Food is served.

The salad. To neutralize the food I suppose? Raw cabbage is good.

Edamame beans. As an appetiser and to lower calories. I would think so. This is my own personal assumption.

The menu to heaven on a stick.

Simple cutlery to a good meal.

Japanese menu. I can't read a single word. I just thought that it's cool to snap this picture and to show how authentic this place is.

The alcohol with labels of the patron's name. This shows that they have a lot of regulars. It is indeed an izakaya.

The seating arrangements. We made reservations therefore we had first class seats in front of the grill and get to watch the chef at work.

Rice cake wrapped with pork slice.

Mentai wrapped with pork slice.

Chicken Skin.

Spicy Miso sauce beef (not so spicy).

Chicken Wings.

Squid (Ika) - my personal favorite. With a hint of raw salt and fresh chewy texture.

Miso sauce beef.

Chicken Thigh Mentai.

Potatoes with butter (yumzter)

Chicken Gizzard.

Baked Onigiri - Mr Hubs personal favorite.

Eggplant with Salmon Flakes.
I normally do not share the address of the restaurants that we nomz, not out of selfishness. I have a habit of forgetting it and I am not a professional food blogger. I write about what I feel. But if you insist on trying out this delightful place, here you go :

No. 19, 1st Floor,  Jalan SS15/4, Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Tel : 03-5632 9312/016-2249312

If you ask me whether I think it's expensive to eat here. I would say, depending on what type of person you are. At times, you can't label a place by the price you have to pay for the food. If the food is good enough and causes palate explosion, what is a couple of hundred bucks? You need to reward yourself once in a while with good food. Self satisfaction is more important with the increase in work stress. You will not be sorry to eat here.

A word of advise : Do not be a smart-ass and walk-in. Make reservation. And don't be late. You will only have limited time to eat. And this is the type of place where you should sit down and enjoy the food and skill of the chef.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Santouka Ramen

One fine day me & hubs decided to check out the much hyped Tokyo Street located on the 6th Floor of Pavilion KL. And we stumbled upon a ramen shop selling! (so fucking fake expression...) I've heard of the place through my colleagues ( the foodies...>_< ) As we were keeping our stomach for Rama V later, we've decided to share a bowl of ramen.

Hot Ocha to warm the tummy and it's a sign before food.

The chopsticks - a must have cutlery in any Japanese restaurant. How else are ya gonna eat smarty pants?

The Ramen - very tasty and we din feel thirsty after whacking the bowl. Unfortunately, I did not write down the name of this heavenly ramen.

Chicken Gyoza - never have I tasted such tasty gyoza and it's chicken. I wonder how the porky wan will taste like. Next visit probably.
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