Thursday, November 24, 2011

Love this iPhone app

Downloaded 2 new apps on my iPhone as recommended by Ms WC. She's the papparazzi in the office, taking incriminating photos of unassuming colleagues. The photos are not too clear as I'm using a 3GS but please bear with me coz I'm waiting for contract to end. Can't stand the yellow man. Time for a change.

RAW's cappuccino is my kryptonite. Simply love, love, love their coffee. Very friendly staff and tasty organic vegetarian food. Service can be slow at times due to limited staff.

Been meaning to check out this cosy little nook located at e-Tiara, Subang Jaya. Finally made up our mind to check it out tonight and we're not dissapointed. Price is okay, service is extremely good and fast. Food portion is small to make room for desserts.

A few doors away from Ben & Nick's Diner is Haikara Style Cafe & Bakery. Quaint cafe operated by Japanese. Price is good and smooth coffee. From (L) is Iced "Sumikaya" Coffee and (R) is Cream Cappuccino. The cream cappuccino live up to its name, with whipped cream on top, smooth coffee below and garnished with orange zest.

Things that do not belong inside a car

#1 Used sanitary napkin
#2 Used condom
#3 Unwashed undergarments
#4 Big ass soft toy blocking the rear end mirror view for e.g those resting tigers found in most cars. Perhaps they are employees of Maybank but the rest of the world need not know about it
#5 Putting a t-shirt over the car seat, it looks like someone is inside the car and scare the shit outta people when it's dark
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