Thursday, January 27, 2011

Goodbye Indy (April 2008 - 27 January 2011)

Today is a sad day for me because my beloved Winter White hamster named Indiana Jones Ooi (Indy) passed away. He has been struggling with cancer and loss of fur for the past year. I am glad that he had a good life while in our care. If Mr Hubs did not kept him in a pail and surprise me 3 years ago, Indy would've been eaten by a cat or died a horrible death.

However, I felt that I had neglected him for the past weeks because of work and I blame myself for his death. I want him to live with me forever, I don't want him to die. I want him to be healthy and active.

I've had a lot of hamsters before but he was different. He has a personality like no others. He only likes certain expensive food and only drinks Diamond filtered water. And I love him to bits. He came into my life when I was down and depressed. He made me a happier person when everything went haywire in my life. Now that he's gone, what am I gonna do ?

Saturday, January 15, 2011 go ?

I have so many things to share when the laptop is not with me. Once I have it with me, everything is gone from what little space I have in my brain. And so, I'll extract what little info on the last interesting that I did.

Last week was a hectic week. Every single week is hectic actually. But last week was exceptionally hectic. I'm coming out sounding like a broken record. 

Me, The Hubster, JL, FN & The Bro took a day trip to Ipoh (pronounced as /ˈiːpoʊ/ ), capital city of Perak. But some smart ass "no name mention please" call it I-poh like the iPod, iPad, iPhone. So from hereon, we shall call Ipoh as iPoh.

JL was the dedicated driver, wherelse the rest of us slept throughout the long journey to iPoh. Yeah, damn kao long rite? 2 hours journey dun exaggerate ok?! We woke up at the break of dawn ok? Dun play play coz the night before we were out til the early morn~

First stop in iPoh, Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum Sdn Bhd directly opposite of Foh San. Apparently the dimdims here are nicer.

See how cute those dimdims are? It's small in portion yet sedaps and not jilaks! Check it out next time you're in town coz I know I will. Sorry ar, I don't have the address coz I'm not a food blogger. Go find the address yourself. Kan senang nak Google sekarang!

After makan, we head straight to Bercham to see a master. Not He-Man Master of the Universe but close enoough. We want to find out what to expect for the coming year. This I kenot share coz it's a BIG BIG SECRET~

Guess what are those? Although I don't understand how some people can mistaken it for something else. I'm  sure all Malaysian pernah makan tau foo fah. Tau foo fah in Bercham (the one above lar) is the bestest I have ever tastetest...haha not that I have tasted a lot of tau foo fah... when I told one of my colleague, she said the best TFF is nearby the iPoh Chicken rice area in town. Dang! This is good enough for me. JL ate 2 bowls of TFF plus 1 ice soya bean. We look at her in awe.

After TFF, we went hunting for ICR (Ipoh Chicken Rice). I'm sorry to those involved in this trip coz I promised to charge the GPS and bring it along and I forgot. Thank god for technology! iPhone and its compass and whatever was involved. And not forgetting Google! (BTW, I am not sponsored by Google to write this...I don't know how I live previously without Google!)

We google-d for the famous ICR am told that Lou Wong is the famous ICR that food blogger visit and blah blah blah. We din eat ICR there. We opt for the lesser known ONN KEE ICR, dunno why don't ask me why. Any question with regards to this iPoh trip please ask JL. ehehehhehehe

As you can see this Onn Kee ICR Berhawa Dingin looks bigger than the konon original Lou Wong. The food's the same. To us ppl from KL, no difference geh, bukannya pandai makan pun.

Look so sedaps right ? The food's okay ...chinchai chinchai also better than any konon ICR in KL. But the service here sucks lar. If you don't mind geh can go makan for the sake of eating ICR.

Snail Story

As I was walking to my car after work, something on the ground caught my eyes. A very dead snail, all crushed and juicy! Ahhh.... it brings back fond memories of my childhood.

*rewind back to the year 1991-ish til 1992-ish (primary school era)

I used to ride around in my red BMX after school with a few of my good friends in the neighbourhood. I look forward to this fun activity. It is especially fun during rainy season. Reason ? Well, what comes out after the rain ? But those lovely snails....that I love so much >_<

What we used to do was collect snails. We learnt about it at school...remember Alam dan Manusia ? I think this subject no longer exists. Yeah, I'm old...lalala~ Anyways, we have inquisitive mind and think of ways to "play" with the snails.

After a while of pouring salt on the snail it gets boring coz all it does is die. No fun at all. But the book is right about killing them with salt. Yay! Going to school is useful after all~


I have some questions to ask before I proceed with my story.
-do you see anymore snails around your neighbourhood?
-have you seen a snail before?
-did you know that salt is poison to snail?

-if you answer more than 2 NO from the question above, it's either you were born much later than me or I have caused snail extinction single handedly.


First, we will collect some snails from the ground after rain.
Secondly, we will line up the snail on the road.
Thirdly, we will each take turn on the bike and you-know-what.
Last but not least, inspect the damage.
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