Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Life As It Is

waking up at god knows what time and the sun has been up like forever. yawning and lazing around rolling on the bed til kingdom come. if i'm lucky, i'll get to do that for a couple of days a week. and i truly thank god for that. (we must be thankful for everything yeah...)

at times i have to wake up at the break of dawn, sometimes pre-dawn or twilight...(am i even using the right word here?) to go to work. when this shit happens, i blame the people working in the rostering department. WTH were they thinking? that is the best time to sleep and dream of flying drumsticks, yummy domino's chix wings, mao san wong durian and edward cullen (the yummy vamp...oh yeah baybeh u know what i'm talking bout...*grin*)

some days, i walk around like a zombie(only to work)...or zombie-like coz it's not possible to look like a zombie... does zombie even exists? anyway, u know what i mean... lack of sleep due to anxiety of oversleeping and miss the alarm blares. or too much food that causes indigestion the night before...damn those lok lok vans near home...


  1. Funny that you wrote this yesterday... I read it earlier, and can definitely relate, eventhough I don't work in sky like you lot.
    I boarded my flight at 0115am in Colombo (thats 3.45am at home), and had the most turbulent flight for a long while (at least the IFS was hott-ish), and didn't get much shut eye. Landed at about 8am, and wandered into the baggage reclaim area, to the sound of roosters crooning away. I don't know if crooning is the right word, but its these male chickens going "cockle-f**king-doodle-doo". I actually wandered across to the other belts to have a look at the chickens, they were in boxes. Having been awake for more than 24 hours, and having had to work the whole day before (at least you zombies can sleep before flying la), I was definintely looking like a zombie (not a hot vamp). Managed to find the taxi at "pintu tiga", and fell in and out of sleep the whole way home. Got home, left my bags at the door, and crashed into bed. When i woke up, it was almost 4 pm. You complain about rostering, and I complain about why they schedule the flights at such weird hours. I slept too much during the day, its now 2.37am, and my mouse goes click click click.... Thanks for harvesting and plowing, me planting, and going to sleep.

  2. thank you for the essay...i think u write better than me...

  3. Thanks, but it doesnt really matter who writes better, blogging is not about that.... I enjoy reading your blog, so keep it up.

  4. thank you i'll try my best...


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