Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beautiful & Clean Miri, Sarawak

I went to Miri in Sarawak a couple of days ago for work. Arrived there around 3 plus in the afternoon. And proceed to the hotel which is located 10 mins away from the airport. Got into my room and saw this breathtaking view. I had to snap a pic. Normally the room I get is facing the main road which is Jalan Holiday (i just realised it) and this is like a chance of a lifetime.

Believe or not I've been working with my company for almost 5 years and I have never step out to Miri town. This is because normally my colleagues are too tired to go out to town or I'm too lazy. Or it's too late in the night and the shuttle services are closed for the day.

Anyway, I'm thankful this time around coz most of them want to go out for dinner. And I was excited despite my tiredness. It was full flight all the way. Don't play play!

The specialty in Miri is Nasi Lalapan. And according to Mr Captain, it is actually like Ayam Penyet from Indonesia. But I've never tried any of those so it was a treat! I opt for the less spicy sambal coz I'm not so brave~ Or should I say my arse can't take the heat. Or it'll be on fire baybeh~

After dinner, we chitchat for another hour while waiting for the shuttle service van to come pick us up. Sometimes it's a hassle not having a car to drive around. But beggars can't be choosers.

Mr Captain treat us this delicious dinner and we were soooo happy. I am happy whenever I don't have to pay. Who doesn't right? Free food is always nice and extra delicious.

Got back to the hotel around 8pm and I slept til the next morning. In fact, I slept like a baby. Didn't bother to turn on the TV eventhough it's World Cup fever now.

I woke up to this beautiful view. Life is just so beautiful~


  1. I agreed Mindy...by seeing those views, life is beautiful :-)

  2. A bottle of vodka and ciggys is indeed Life..LOL..kidding


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