Saturday, June 19, 2010

A very humble chef indeed....

met up with some friends last night for makan & talk cock session. as everyone's busy working, we only get to meet up once in a while. anyway, we met up at damansara heights (tepi jalan) and ate at a place called "the humble chef". to be precise, it is not a cafe or place or restaurant. it should be called "meals on wheels".

the place is operated by 2 guys and 1 girl. they are nice & friendly. basically, you'll feel very at home there. the place is simple with just a few tables and chairs placed by the road side. i experienced "cafe world" moments there (i know i'm a bloody geek).

according to JL, the place is normally packed with patrons and it'll take a while for the food to be served. but i guess that it was our lucky day(night...hehe) coz our orders came swiftly.

we had their specialty; lamb pita and spaghetti. we almost went to food heaven when we took our first bite. it was awesome! yes, i'm not exaggerating..they are really that good.

i will suggest this place to all who love food. the only setback is that they do not have a toilet. but what do you expect from the place?

lamb pita only costs RM 4 while the spaghetti is RM5. they even sell homemade chocolate chip cookies.

after all our tummies are filled and yummy, we went our separate ways (home) with a smile on our faces.

*too excited to makan & forgot to take time maybe~


  1. aduh... give la some directions on how to get there, google map la, gps coordinate la, address la...

  2. there's no address.... behind d'sara heights mc d's by the roadside lar..

  3. um.... mana itu dsara heights McD? LOL..... i'll find it one day i guess.


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