Friday, January 27, 2012

Our trip to Penang

It was a tiring 2 weeks before the CNY break for both of us. Rushing to finish off work before the long break and last minute shopping plus crazy ass traffic around town. It was a stressful time for us !! However, the plus point is that we will not be driving to Penang for CNY this year but flying in instead...Wooohooo....double woohoo~~

We were at LCCT early coz of kiasu-ness and to avoid being late. You never know with everyone rushing to fly back to their hometown. Had some lunch at Old Town Kopitiam and lepak for a while before entering the departure lounge. And of course to try out the newly downloaded app Photosynth (recommended by Ms WC).

 The first thing that I ate when we reach Penang was Curry Mee (tapao-ed by MIL). Was too excited and forgot to snap a photo. Telan the whole damn thing instead. It was my favourite Curry Mee from the Mt Erskine's pasar. *burp*


After eating the reunion dinner at night, it was time to prepare the angpaos. And Bob the Rilakkuma being his helpful self, help to guard the angpaos after the task was completed. See the pose below.


 Penang changes everytime we visit and now they have another 2 more shopping malls (according to a reliable source...hehe). First Avenue mall (located near Prangin mall and Paragon (near G Hotel) are the newly opened malls. We did not get a chance to walk around First Avenue coz it was a bit far from our place but we managed to go to the nearer mall Paragon. There are only F&B outlets opened and it was a bit quiet (weird).

Don't know why the color contrast. Maybe because one of the area is shaded and the other not. Paragon is facing the sea (Gurney Drive). This is not just a mall, but a high end mall, shop lots and residency. The F&B outlets that we saw are Brussels Beer Cafe, TGIF, Italianne's, Pacific Coffee, Goku Raku Ramen, CBTL and a Taiwanese desserts house. Great place to hangout and yumchar as the place is not crowded. But parking's a bitch though coz it's opened air and the first 2 hours is RM3 with subsequent fee of RM2 per hour. It's pure daylight robbery!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Late night scrawls

Wanted to post a blog last night but was too tired. 
Was afraid that I might forget about what I wanted to write.
And so, I wrote it down in a book with a pen.

Monday, January 9, 2012

My pet peeve

Year 2012 prove to be a fruitful year in building my pet peeve list. Here goes :-
#1 Taxi driver in Malaysia
#2 4-eyed monster that drives..wonder how they got their license
#3 Brand exhibitionist
#4 Rude woman tourist while shopping (especially from Mainland China and Middle East)
#5 Extreme faker and we both know that you're lying

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kin Tick Orchard Village, Bentong (Weekend Getaway)

Back in October 2011, the gang & I took a trip to Bentong. We were all stressed out and couldn't wait til December for all the public holidays. So we opt for a nearby destination and reasonably priced place for a short weekend break. There was a total of 8 of us; 6 girls and 2 boys (woohoo!)

We got to know about this place via Facebook, some friends posting lar! And after liking their FB page and all, kepoh for more info in their website ( Reservation was made for a Dormitory Room (4 queen size bed...dun play play) at the Stone House. At that time it costs us RM450 coz they don't serve breakfast so it's about RM56.25 per person. 

First, park your car at the parking lot. Then, board the 4WD provided by them to enter. The gang getting ready with bags and food and Ms CAL busy taking pics.

The impressive facade of the lobby
Check in was breeze and the staff are super helpful. We got our room in no time and everyone was excited. At the beginning some were skeptical about holiday-ing here coz the place is out of nowhere and there was nothing to do there at all. It's a great place to unwind and relax. Great for writers as well coz you have the time in the world to think.
Our dormitory room. Impressive leh? Even with 4 queen size bed, there are plenty of space to move around. Plus we have a sofa set (bamboo type) and a long table for us to put our nonsense and Ms CAV's CBTL coffee machine.
Proof of the existence of the coffee machine and a towel to wipe off any residue. Service yang baik dari Cik CAV. Jangan jeles katanye! 

The wall of the stone house is obviously built with stones, therefore the room is always cold regardless of the weather outside. It was so cold during the night coz of the strong air-cond and the wall. We all were shivering with clattering teeth, no joke!
We brought food for dinner (steamboat) and rented the 1 pot plus cutleries for RM30 (washing included). We wanted to have a variety of soup so Ms FN brought another pot for Tom Yam (yum yum....) and she was our soup chef for the night.

Don't look much but we couldn't finish everything and there's 8 of us. Maybe it's because there was only 2 boys; Mr Hubs and Mr LSY. 

Yummy drink prepared by Ms CAL (note : not her hands but Mr Hubs coz he wanna help out by putting ice for everyone) - A MUST-HAVE drinks for parties coz it contains alcohol, nice to drink and helps with digestion.

Karaoke is provided by them but please observe operating hours from 7pm -11pm. Will not post any photo of my friends' karaoke session to protect their privacy....hehe

Night view

We slept very early that night was the place was so peaceful and the beds was super duper inviting. 

Some shots of the surrounding area.....

Needless to say, we had a fun time and will be back. Perhaps we'll opt for BBQ next time ? Stay tuned....

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