Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sinful Day

Today is a SINFUL day & night. First stop was Coffee Chemistry Cafe (CCC) at Sunway Giza. A lot of people will miss this cafe due to its location. It is located next to Cubic Platforms and above Movida. I love the place for its simple interior, beautiful coffee art, tasty food and affordable price list.

Iced Vanilla Latte - Mr Hubs choice

Cappuccino - mine
Beef Bacon Wrap - Ms AY's choice

BLT - Mr Hubs choice

Chicken Herbs Pasta - mine

Chicken Pie (looks ordinary taste extraordinary) - shared among me, Mr Hubs, Ms AY and Ms JL 


After CCC and lepaking around the Just Life's Earth Day Carnival and Sunway Giza Mall, we head off to Alexis at Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang. It's my 2nd time visiting the mall (sad i know ! i'm not a very adventurous kinda person) and first time at this Alexis outlet. 

Another reason for the visit to Alexis is to watch Vanessa S.Y.T's live performance at 10pm. She's a friend of Ms CAV and Mr AG. I really enjoyed her performance and bought her CD. She can really sing and a talent like her should not go unnoticed. (put on thinking cap...)

Foodwise, Alexis still have to improve a lot. We ordered a few main dishes to tryout and my Beef Bourguignon came out as the LOSER. I've had better in a less established restaurant. Therefore, I stick by the rule that someone once told me if the food is no good don't blog about it.

On the bright side, their Pavlova is to die for. It is worth every single of the RM15 Mr Hubs paid for. My job is to eat, his is to pay. Fair and square! A hungry person is a cranky person. I am TSUNAMI when I am hungry. I've been craving for it since I saw the pic on Ms JL's photo album in FB. Another wave of craving came when Time Out KL's April 2011 issue came out with Pavlova as the cover shot.

A picture paints a thousand words. There you go. Pavlova!~~

I'm gonna dream of mixed berries and cream floating happily while I catch a few bites off of it.
 ~Sweet dreams~

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Plan / Dream / Reality?

The Plan
The plan for today is to wake up at 10.30am, do some laundry, head out for breakfast before attending Just Life's Earth Day Carnival Day at Sunway Giza before settling down for a cuppa coffee at one of my "like" list of coffee places Coffee Chemistry Cafe (CCC).

The Dream
Had a deep sleep (tidur mati due to exhaustion). Smell my lovely bolster all the way with my Tempur pillow for proper posture coz when I sleep it doesn't look peaceful. It's a cross between gymnast and being mugged. (Mr Hubs words not mine..)

If I remember correctly, it was a lovely dream of peace and butterflies. I did not want to wake up. It's like floating on fluffy clouds (not as tho i know how it feels like..)

The Reality 
I woke with a start. Thought that it's a work day. Kan cheong a bit. Almost shit on my pajama pants until reality sets in and it's a f^$(ing Saturday!!! Went back to sleep for a bit more and now I am awake.

First thing I did, check my Twitter for any updates. Coz I feel stupid not knowing what's happening and had happened while I was asleep. And I've just started following a few people (cyber stalking...hehe) on Twitter and wanna read their interesting updates on Twitter.

Wake my brain up with F.I.R's Get High on the iPod, grab a Nescafe from the fridge. Look at Hubs lounging on the couch like a sun bear would at the zoo...watching pointless program on the TV.

The clock reads 1:22pm, feels like blogging. So I switch on my laptop and share my utterly boring and bland morning / afternoon.


recently i've been itching for the following :-

#1 properly read a book
#2 start reading NW again
#3 start blogging or possibly start a food blog
#4 shop for new clothes
#5 wanna buy a new camera coz the current one died on me
#6 more time to sleep
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