Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shall we?

For a while, I've been contemplating to do it or not.
Eventually, we need to.
Life is too short to keep doing things wrong.
Honesty is the keyword.

But I am very afraid. What if I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel ?
Shall I use a torchlight then ?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Time and time again....

I can't help but jinx myself sometimes. I try my best to be careful with my thoughts and words but sometimes the words came out faster than the brain can process. I have no one to blame but myself. There are only so much wood that are available for touching.

Anyway, I prayed hard that I will not be late for work on Thursday after a late night movie. Guess what ? I woke up at 8.25am and I start work at 9am. It's no surprise that I was 40 mins late for work and who would've guess that there'll be traffic jam around that time in town.

To my boss, if you're reading this please don't fire me. I really don't mean it. It happens to the best people sometimes. I am only human. Nobody's perfect.

Happy Friday!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Adrenaline rush

It is always fun to have a girls' night out.

Monday 16th June 2011:
Ms CAV - co-ordinator and cut guava contributor
Ms JL - busy bee #1 cum driver for the night
Me - busy bee #2 cum tumpang gembira

The plan ; get home asap after work and wait for JL to pick me and CAV up. A promise of Grilled Lamb and etc in Klang.

The reality ; JL picked me up first due to smooth traffic. told me that we're going karaoke instead. i felt cheated, my heart fell, i have been fantasizing about grilled lamb since i was told in the morning that's what we're having for dinner. i have been salivating over the prospect of masticating the tenderness of grilled lamb.

Off we went to pick up CAV, I was plotting on how to change JL's mind as the wheels are in her hands. I've decided to send CAV a Whatsapp message, screaming for help and with a hint of kesian-ness in between the message hoping that she'll pick it up.

CAV told me to start crying, it might help she says. But I am feeling happy how to cry ?

I guess CAV is a better negotiator than me.

The end ; We went to Hing Ket Grill House, Kampung Jawa, Klang for dinner. The ride was fun, with the extra presence of a bean plush Angry Bird, laser beam, cut guava and lots of laughter thrown in.

I don't know what this is called in English. 

Otak-otak - great with beer




Grilled Lamb

We were sadly dissapointed as there was no Grilled Crab. According to CAV, it's the highlight of the place. There's always a next time. Anytime for food eh? Seeing that Wesak is the next day and the 15th day of the lunar calender, normally there isn't much meat in the crab. Full moon is a no-no time for it, I should've known better.

The after dinner plan
To check out this new karaoke joint in Sri Petaling. Musizone Family Karaoke. The only downside to this place is the lack of parking spot available. Price is good.

Ms FN just got back from Indonesia, join us for the night of fun and singing. Followed by Ms EL and Mr SY.

The conclusion :
Ms FN - sings oldies and boy band songs
Ms CAV - surprise factor. might know how to sing chinese songs from another era eventhough she's a banana
Ms JL - apa pun boleh. plenty of stamina. both vocal also can.
Ms EL - hidden talent. sing like a songbird.
Mr SY - shy. slowly being brainwashed to karaoke by EL.
Me - i can't sing but i enjoy heboh-ing

That was it pre-Wesak Day.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My "current" pet peeve

Arrrgghhhh.... I hate a certain drivers... it's my current pet peeve.. remember this, I'm not being's the truth... don't take it personally... i love all my friend's driving... it's those that I dunno which i dislike....

Once again, guys who wear are shite... you truly are.... look where you're fucking going... i don't want to die because of you. Muthaf%^&&!!!

Tudung lady... who drives...the fucking road doesn't belong to you... don't swerve here and there...and you're not wearing blinkers so look around before you make a decision to turn or whatever you choose to do..

Uncle who drives a big ass car....something between a crossover and 4wd..... it's not your road or your grandfather's road... don't drive as you like... and look where you're going...Jesus!

Year 2008-2009

Year 2008 marked as the saddest year of my life.
My life went through the domino effect, everything went crumbling down.
I have not recovered since then and I still haven't.

It's the year that I want to kill myself, get drunk, chain smoke and scream at the top of my lung.
I lost 8kg of weight.
I don't know what to live for.

I want this madness to end, still do.

It still comes back and haunt me.

福春 Fukuharu, Terrace at Hock Choon

I have been contemplating for a while whether I should blog about this quaint Japanese restaurant. I have a particularly strong feeling for this place and it might come off as biased to others who don't know me. I don't like Japanese food. In fact, if given a choice of KFC and Japanese food (healthier choice), I'll go for KFC. Just coz I don't like Japanese food. I'll think of all kinds of excuses to avoid Japanese food I dunno why. Perhaps coz I don't like raw food ? Or the warm greetings? I'm a bit eccentric in that sense.

Believe it or not, Fukuharu changed me. First off, I am super attracted with the facade of the restaurant. The strategically placed plants and pool. It feels like being in a different place at a different time. It does not belong to the busy roads of KL. I thought to myself, wouldn't it be nice if I have a home like this? I would love to just stay at home everyday, curl up on the bed with a book and relaxing music in the background.

As mentioned in my previous post, my camera's dead. I have to rely on my phone to take pics. The following pics are not flattering and might not do the food any justice. But trust me the food is fucking good. Price is a bit steep, but who ask you to go everyday right, doink...

Everytime I patronise Fukuharu it's night time, I don't really get to enjoy the interior during the day. Therefore, forgive me for the poor photo quality.

According to our server, it's fish cake coated with fish roe and mayo

Mentai Sushi (RM18) my favourite. Highly recommended. If you don't, you'll regret it. It is especially nice made from the hand of Justin.

Eringgi Yaki  - favourite starter. To be honest, girls love all kinds of mushroom. This is definitely a winner.

Salmon Sashimi - someone taught us how to eat this. I am terrible with name. You have to eat with the leaf in order to open up your palatte and enjoy the freshness of the salmon. The feeling is like Remy from Ratatouille (the animation) when he had the cheese with strawberry, explosion in the mouth. It was pure mouth orgasm.

This is Duck Soba. I can't remember the name in Japanese. But this is definitely fusion. Smoked duck taste like bacon (my fave) with cold soba, loads of sesame and lady finger.

My new love. It's Ahi Katsu if I'm not mistaken. Highly recommended by Miss FN. I'm glad that we ordered this. Another mouth orgasm. I am sexcited just thinking about eating it again. When I don't know but soon I hope. The outer layer is breaded with crumbs and fried while the inside is raw. I love TUNA~

Ebi Tempura

I can't remember what this dish is called. And I specifacally ask to not mix the wasabi in with the rest coz I can't take the taste of wasabi. Kena from Justin, why we did not mix the wasabi in. Well, I don't like wasabi!

Chawanmushi - I don't quite like it here. Not hot enough. I like it scalding hot.

Ika something. Love it! Love it ! Love it! Enuf said. Ms JL's favorite too~

We actually ordered more than this. But the rest of the photos are kinda fucked up. I will make sure that my hand are not shaking the next time I makan there. 

There's only so much I can say. The food and ambience's great. Great place for romance, chit chat or just pure eating. In my case, it's me converting to the dark side. 

Sesame Ice cream...

Macha Ice Cream

End the night with a nice cuppa cappuccino.

Canoodling by BIG, BV II

I love urban dictionary coz it's so inspiring and they give shit load of stupid definition of meaningless words.

Canoodling means : making out or eating of noodles whilst in a canoe or any sexual act with a partner that is more than kissing but less than sex while cuddling is still able to occur. (this is according to

To me, Canoodling defines the colour yellow, affordable bowl food, located at Bangsar Village II and damn cold air cond. Anyway, it's Saturday and I slept like a pig as usual. Woke up with half the day gone (wasted). That's just me!

Anyways, my camera's dead. It's okay coz it's free. Had to use my iPhone to snap them pics. Not too good condition but it'll do.

Thai Beef Salad

Fried Wantan

Braised duck & ginger noodles


Pasta Pad Thai

I love their food because it's fusion, simple, reasonably priced and yellow. Don't the colour yellow reminds you of honey and Winnie the Pooh? Happy times. I love doodles and there's plenty of space to do so here. The table is lined with white paper (mahjong paper with the word canoodling ) and toxic free crayons.

This time around, we did not order the Duck Confit Salad eventhough it's one of the favourites of my colleagues coz I've ordered the Braised Duck & Ginger Noodle. Too much duck for people of age is no good. Too much wind... I don't want to end up with achy body just cause I succumb to my cravings for duck.


I have a pair of grey shoe dat I believe is jinxed by the God of Rain. It is TRUE~!!

I haven't got time to take a pic of it. But I will do so soon.

Whenever I wear it, it'll rain. Sometimes flood a little around town.

I once wore it to meet a client in Wangsa Maju, I was unfamiliar with the area and when I pass off Jalan Ampang it started to pour. I was cursing internally as I was super lost and it was bloody raining. When I finally found the place, there was no parking. When I found a parking spot, the road was flooded with water. I was wearing my grey shoe.

The shoe is made up of fabric and it's a ballet pump. My feet got soaking wet, my umbrella barely able to cover my body and bag and I trot over to the client's office. The air cond was on full blast and I'm 100% unpresentable. I guess that's the reason why I did not get the deal until today :(

After that incident, I've noticed that whenever I wear that shoe it rain. Therefore I am jinxed.

Just so you know, I am drunk as I type whatever that I'm typing now. I might not remember what I did right now.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

We were "F"-ed

We spent our afternoon at a fairly new restaurant called F Concept Dining by Buffalo Kitchens at Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar yesterday. They are located above Chawan and opposite of Bangsar Village II. I immediately fell in love by the interior of the restaurant. The place looks cosy and it has an open concept cooking area. You are literally watching the chef at work.

The Menu

The food listed on their cute menu

My cappuccino. Coffee by Gabbe.

Mushroom soup

Complimentary bread to kick start your meal. Super yummy!

 The salad - if I'm not mistaken with Balsamic Vinegar and some other secret ingredient because of the sweet aftertaste. Love it!

Salmon Mousse
Steam clams - my favorite
Barramundi - fresh and tasty

 Fusion Escalope - sweet and yummy~

In summary, the food are beautifully prepared and the chefs are passionate about what they do. F is a cosy place to hangout and eat. I love the coffee there as well. 

I've been going mad crazy about coffee since last November. I don't know why. Maybe coz age is catching up on me and I need some sort of stimulant to keep myself awake.

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