Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Japan Trip Day 6 (Osaka Castle, Kiddyland, Yodobashi)

Honestly speaking, there are not many places for sightseeing in Osaka city. I personally felt that we should've stayed in Kyoto a bit longer. I'll do that the next time I visit Japan again!

So on Day 6, we finally found time for a proper sit down breakfast at Komeda Coffee.
They serve the best and fluffiest bread every tbh and everything tastes so healthy.

Off we go to Osaka Castle and to reach the castle, we must first walk through a park. It's not as scenic as Kyoto and we all felt that the air pollution here is higher.


I took a photo of the area (in case we got lost) which is silly because there is no way that we will get lost in Japan. It's a beautiful castle and smaller than we imagined it to be. There are 2 options to get in to the castle. One is to queue for the elevator and the other is to climb up quite a number of flight of stairs to get to the top.

We chose the latter because it was too hot to stand under the hot sun to queue and there were a lot of old people and parents with strollers. It was pretty tiring to climb all the way but the view was beautiful and it was windy AF up there. We love, love, love it!

We were expecting to see the place as it was centuries ago but it was converted into a museum with videos and stuff. It was fun to sit in on some of the video presentation to learn about the castle and the number of times it was burnt down and reconstructed.

After our cultural walk around the castle, we head on over to Umeda for some much needed shopping and free and easy time.




We went shopping around Umeda area (Kiddyland, Yodobashi, Hankyu etc). Bought some Gundam and One Piece ship just because we love Gunpla. Another happy day in Japan.
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