Tuesday, January 3, 2017

p r o s c a s t i n a t o r

after so many years, i realised that i'm good at starting something but really bad at finishing it. i've started sharing my japan holiday stories up to day 6 and decided that it has happened too long ago to remember or my brain is not working as well as it used to and i kept forgetting things and what happened. so, i've decided to just end the japan travel stories at day 6.


yesterday, my brother came over to pass me some of my old treasures (4 bottles of absolut vodka - unopened...woohoo!) and we were just sitting down there chatting about nothing in particular and having an affogato each (coz we're luxe like that..)

i finally assembled the lego that i forced him to buy me and got it wrapped nicely before giving it to me a couple of days ago. it's a camper van lego and it's kinda cute and all. if you are keen, the lego model is #60117.

i had fun assembling it and since he was at my place, i asked him to go take a look at it. he brought it to the table and started playing with it and mind you he'll be turning 33 this year. while he was playing with it i tot of an idea. i said to him, 'hey! why don't you make them do sexy naughty things in a series of 4 photos and it tells a story?' he obliged as usual and this is the result :

the title of this story is Todd & Anna Lynn : Camping Fun.


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