Tuesday, January 3, 2017

my new eyebrows

i remember writing about my eyebrows embroidery story back in 2012. if you have not read it before, read it here. as time passes by, the eyebrows colour will slowly fade away and i got teased a lot for not doing anything about it. coz the more 'accepted' eyebrows shape now is one thick line (i call it crayon shin chan eyebrows or the chinese character "one").

i tried drawing thicker brows but it doesn't suit me coz i have a small face (perasan..hehe) but it is true. i look weird to be honest! you can say i look top heavy...haha...

what i wanna say or share is that, i finally muster up the courage late last year to get it done again. as most places are charging a lot for it, i was reluctant. but i found someone who charges a reasonable amount for eyebrows embroidery and she will come to your house to do it as well which is a plus point.

this is a pic of my eyebrows before i re-do my eyebrows. you can see how thin it has become and why people teased me about it. i look tired most of the time and blah blah blah. 

this is my eyebrows after i got it done. yes, i did use b612 to take this pic therefore i look fairer but those eyebrows are mine and there's literally no downtime at all. it was painless and i look fresh, don't you agree?

if you are thinking of getting new eyebrows before CNY or for whatever reason, you can contact Meng at 017-2455329. i'm not being paid to do this ok? i just wanna share my 'beauty' secret. if you want to see more of what she does, LIKE her on Facebook here.


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