Friday, June 11, 2010

A Love Story

about 2 yrs ago, i was having a hard time with my life. (drama queen mode ON) a walking zombie to be exact!

then one day mr husband picked me up from work and told me that we have a "visitor". as usual, i got excited coz i love company. (this is due to my kepoh gene)

"who is it" i asked.
"you'll know when we get home" replied mr husband.
"but i wanna know. is it mr x?" <---mr husband's good friend from his hometown.
"no, it's not him. don't ask anymore silly question. you'll know when we get home"

i frowned and yet excited inside, trying to guess who the mysterious visitor was.

when we got home, the lights were off and there was nobody home.

"hey! you liar~ why did you lie to me? there's nobody here!" (angry mode on coz kena tipu)
"it is inside the toilet. i'm not lying"

i told him that it's not funny.

"is it a snake or what?" I'll pee in my pants, scream at the top of my lungs and faint at the same time"

this is not a joke..i'm serious~

"you and your questions. can you just go in and have a look?"
"okay fine!"

i crack open the toilet door and peek. there's nothing in there...sheessh
*show muka beh syiok*

"look inside the pail"
i did and guess wat i saw?

a white furry ball was inside nibbling on a piece of biscuit. not just any biscuit ok? but those lotte biscuits i got from korea. i fell in love then. confirm that it is love at first sight.

it is the cutest thing ever. i called it "IT" coz i wasn't sure of its' sex.

"how did he get here? did u buy it? why only one?"

apparently, it came into our home from god knows where. mr husband got home from work and went into his "office" room, switched on the light and this small furry white ball scurry outta the room. mr husband caught it and imprison it with a piece of biscuit inside the pail.

i named him mr indiana jones-ooi or mr indy coz he is an adventurer and he has balls. he is a winter white hamster :) i stayed on the 6th floor of an apartment building so you can imagine his "ballsiness".

nobody claimed to have lost their pet so i adopted him until today.
he is my love and joy besides mr husband. from the day he came into my life up until today he is still my lovely mr son.

i love you mr indy and i always will. live long & prosper!!!


  1. awwww... thats so nice. Sure he "wandered" into the house ah? I think your hunky hubby went and bought it at the pet store la, just for you, but too macho to admit ah? Mana ada hammy can get up and into your apartment like that ah?

    Post more photos of My Indy...
    Reminds me of Czech.... but thats another story...:-).

    Note to mr husband: Next time, get a grass snake. and catch her "..peeing in her pants, screaming at the top of her lungs and fainting at the same time...".

    Note to Indy's mom n dad : do NOT mix Indy and snake in same cage.

  2. Hey mindy...nice seeing you in blogspot :-)


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