Friday, October 29, 2010

Celebration in Progress

Last night (girls' night out) we had dinner, the 3 of us. Reason? Do we need one? I love to share stories coz of kepohness. But I won't go into details for P&C reason.

Ms CAV - successful trip and back. eventhough it was a trying time but she made it.
Ms JL or BBL - successfully found a new place and moving this weekend.
Me - found a job.

Ms JL or BBL came up with an idea to eat at a particular place in Subang which we were supposed to go on a previous occasion but we seemed to have lost track of what happened then. I was super excited because I've been craving for steamed fish for a while (no, i'm not preggers).

Name of the place Restaurant Brother Yat  Lot B1-765, Jln Subang 4, Tmn Industri Sungai Penaga, Ultramine Industrial Park. Contact number: 012-6846276

Eventhough the craving starts with the fish, this dish is super nice. I feel in love with the idea of it at a previous wedding dinner. And I've just realised that I ate the fish without snapping a photo of it first ...damn~

What they do is, the bottom of the pot is filled with hot stone of some sorts. Then they cover it with that thing you can see in the pic. Throw the raw prawns on it, pour in beer or some sorta liquor and cover the lid. Wait for a few minutes and your prawn dish is ready!

Mr BW thinks that it's cruel to eat it. My argument is that if we don't eat it, something else will eat it anyway. So why waste? hehe...Have an enjoyable dinner people~

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Activities for the jobless me

  • to continue with my cross stitch project which was supposed to be completed before we move in together. we've been living together for 2 years plus.
  • to read the books I've bought but were too busy to read. So far I've only read 2 of it.
  • to watch some movies (boxsets of it) but have yet to do it.
  • learn to cook more but I've only managed to cook less than 10 times before I grew bored.
  • to clean the house thoroughly but ......
  • to clear out the guestroom of my rubbish and it still looks the same 2 months ago.
  • to gain weight with unemployment, but I guess I've lost 1 or 2 kg due to longer sleep and less intake of food.
  • to be the ultimate Facebook Gamer and I did it. I am almost at Top 5 of all the games that I'm playing..woohoo....

Monday, October 25, 2010

Another wedding

I attended a wedding on Saturday night in Klang. It was my ex-colleague's wedding and I was excited because I know for a fact that the food at that particular restaurant is nice. I'm a sucker for good food but not a fan of wedding dinner. Reason ? Because it takes forever to start and end and normally there are a few "sohai" that got so drunk they tend to let everyone know that it's actually their wedding. They are such a disgrace to the society (sometimes all the time) and sometimes I need these people for entertainment.

Anyways, we arrived at the restaurant at an okay time. We were not the earliest "sohai" to arrive and not the latest. We, meaning me, Mr Husband and my friend LPS. We care about the environment therefore we car pooled.

The bride look fantastic and had 4 dress change throughout the night. I feel exhausted for her. There was 38 tables in total and everyone seem to enjoy themselves very much. It is the time for relatives to meet up and friends to rekindle their friendship.

What I like about this wedding though is the food (once again...) and I will share the photos as prove.

This is the first dish of the night 5 combo stuff. Generous portion too. Yum :) 

I think this is Buddha Jump Over the Wall kinda soup thingy. It was tasty. My favorite dish of the night. After drinking the soup, I felt full already.

Suckling Pig.. they are famous for it. It was not as good as I remembered maybe because there was too many tables to layan. But I still love it~

*Me with LPS shot with iPhone 4*

Me with Mr Husband. He show his usual "tu-lan" face but actually he's not feeling that at all.

And the finale, I saw some ex-colleague there which I was okay with when I was still with the airline. But Saturday night proved to me that they are bitches and I really don't want to see their face anymore. Therefore, you are no longer in my Facebook and I don't give a f&*^ if you know about this. Thank you.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rancangan Tergendala

The title says it all. I've been on a hiatus due to "busi-ness" (OMG I've just realised that it meant very busy or business...pun intended). It's the effect of lack of sleep. My brain is overload with informations and ideas. WTH am I blogging about you ask? I'm trying to revive my online business because I am JOBLESS now. And at the same time, try to earn some pocket money.

For the last couple of weeks, I haven't slept well. And when I did manage to sleep, I won't be able to wake up before sunset. It is very unhealthy but what to do. I am on a different time zone. I no longer can use the jet lag excuse on Mr Husband. He thinks that I'm an alien with my weird sleeping pattern. I am special okay? There is no doubt about it so don't question me.

Recently, I saw a job advertisement online and the working hours are from 2:30pm until 9:30pm. My eyes went wide and my heart started thumping hard. OMFG! It's the perfect timing for me and it's near home but the job require the candidate to work during public holiday. Bah! Forget about it. One of the reason for me to quit the airline job was this reason. I'm not gonna put myself through that again. Nuh uh uh~
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