Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy V-Day

People from all over the world either look forward to V-Day or loathe it. For me, it's just another excuse to get present from Mr Hubs.

I am sadly dissapointed this year because he did not get me anything for V-day despite my heavy hints for the past week. I guess men are either super blur or super stingy. I go with the latter. If he is reading this post, I'm DEAD!

But he did compensate by treating me Korean food at one of my favorite restaurant in Puchong. Daorae Korean Restaurant. Thinking of the food there makes me salivate.

The superstar of V-day night was Mok Sal. Pictured above. Mok Sal is pork shoulder. It has a balance of fats and meat. What is the best word to describe Mok Sal ? Is it juicy ? Is it pungent ? Or should I call it superduperlicious ? 

The next time we go Daorae again, we're gonna order 2 portions of Mok Sal. I am crossing my fingers that it'll be sooner than later.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weird dreams

I had a weird dream last night. I dreamt of a group of hamster running around a house. All of them are Syrian hamster. None of which is a Winter White like Indy. Is this a sign that Indy is well taken care by my old hamster in hamster heaven ? I hope so.
Indy, may you rest in peace and have a happy and non suffering life in Hamster Heaven.

I had a series of dreams last night. This one takes the cake. I dreamt that me and Mr Hubs was somewhere in Penang. We were on our way to dinner and there was a parking lot in between the parking area and the restaurant.
We parked our car and walked to the restaurant. Suddenly an aunty came into view and started speaking gibberish to us. It took a while to understand what she was trying to say to us. Apparently, we have to pay our way to the restaurant. I guess this is due to the fact that irregardless of the day and time, you have to pay for parking in Penang.
She was actually telling us that she’ll be calculating our steps to the restaurant and this area is a paying area. I was thinking to myself, “WTF is this ?” There’s no justice here at all. Then I was awaken and it was only a dream. I hope that this doesn’t come through or else we’ll be paying for the chair that we’re sitting on for drinks.

Play catch

CNY brings back fond memories of my childhood. I used to spend it in a small town in Perak (mom's hometown) with all my cousins. I was lucky because a lot of them are around my age and I have playmate. My poor bro was 4 years younger than me and there was nobody his age therefore he is always alone. Being the lousy elder sister that I am, I left him all alone and have all the fun in the world with my cousins. Thinking back, it was very cruel of me but then again what do you expect from the young me.

There was a specific year that etch deep in my mind. There is a playground nearby my uncle's house and being a kid, it was heaven. A group of us was there after dinner and we came up with the idea to play catch "chinese vampire" style.  WTF you say ??!!!???

The rules are simple :-
-few of us are the chinese vampire
-the rest of us are commoner/civilian/normal human being

Those who are infected with chinese vampirism will have to catch the human and bite them thus infecting them with the disease. The only way to stop the vampire from moving is to place a make believe talisman on the temple of the vampire. However, these vampires are smart and know how to blow the talisman away. You  have to be quick on your foot and climb up the monkey bar.

I was one of the civilian and I escaped the "vampire bite" most of the time. We laughed and screamed at the top of our lungs. It was a fun time and I missed those days. Looking back, I am thankful for having a lot of cousins to play with.

All those cousins are now married with kids. They don't even have time for a proper chit chat. We have grown apart due to our schedule and life.

Friday, February 4, 2011


I've been meaning to blog about taboo for the coming Chinese New Year's celebration but I've been busy.
With limited time to clean the house, Indy's passing and work, lack of sleep and even lesser time to play FB games and blog.
Chinese in general are very superstitious. No matter how much education they receive, there's no running away from
their root. I blame it on the parents of the parents of the parents times 1 thousand.

-mandatory to clean the house, cars and whatever that's inside the house
-put up CNY decorations, it's that time of the year when pussy willow is used for deco, cherry blossom to brighten
up the day
-buy new clothes, underwear, shoes, have a hair cut, color your hair and etc

Why all that nonsense? Don't we do it like every other day?
Well. Any excuse to shop is a good reason. So why argue ? The elder say must buy new clothes then buy lar. Everybody
needs retail therapy sometimes including the men.

What's the taboo ?
#1 You're not allowed to buy shoe during CNY because apparently it'll bring bad luck all year round. I am normally a
non believer, but it came true and from that year onwards I vow to myself never to purchase shoe during CNY.

#2 You're not allowed to cut your hair during CNY. I have no eff-ing idea why the hell not. But I'm not taking any chances.

1st day of CNY
-not allowed to sweep the floor or in any way clean the house. it was done the night before.
-not allowed to say anything bad. everything must be good for e.g Huat ar!
-preferably wear red clothing.
-not allowed to trim your nails and wash hair

What's the taboo ?
#1 Why would you want to clean the house when you were so busy the night before ? Take a rest.
#2 Why would you want to say anything bad on the first day of CNY where there's free flow of food and angpaos?
#3 I don't fucking understand this. Why red? Eventhough red means "luck" in Hokkien. I don't see any truth in this.
#4 I actually have something to say about this. The reason why the elder do not allow us to trim our nails is because
during the dinosaur years there was no proper eletricity and nail cutter. They are just afraid that we'll hurt ourselves.
#5 I do not know the truth with this though. If you run around the whole day, visiting tons of people and it's super
hot during CNY. Why are we not allowed to wash our hair ? It's full of oil and dirt and what not.

The rest of the CNY celebration is pretty much SOP of our everyday lives. I supposed things are different now than
before. It's not so easy to take so many days off from work. A lot of tradition is lost along the way. I used to
enjoy CNY celebration a lot. Maybe because I was a child then and there are a lot to look forward to. Now that I'm
a grown ass woman, there's really not much to look forward to.

With my grandpa's passing 2 years ago, there's not much celebration going on. Things are simplified and the celebration
of Hokkien New Year is cut down. I used to look forward to eating "siew yoke" after the ceremony. But alas! No more
siew yoke for me.

Eventhough, the younger generation like myself feels that all those taboos are a bunch of nonsense. But it is part
of what that shaped us into the type of people we are today. It is a bonding process between a child and the parents.
A bunch of nonsense but nevertheless it's fun type of nonsense.

I hope that I will be able to remember what each day of CNY represents and share it with the future generation.
Wishing everyone who cares to read this blog a Happy chinese New Year to you and your family. May you have a wonderful
and prosperous new year.

Neighbour from hell

I loathe my in laws neighbour. They are the type of people that you’ll want to murder at first glance. There are many reasons for this. Let me share this with you guys who reads my blog. And it’ll be even better if the fucked up neighbour is reading this. I wish you well you bastards!

-they will forever park their car outside of their house. This is okay if the road is actually wide and can fit 2 cars. But it’s a small lane where at any one time can go in and out only in one direction. There’s plenty of space inside the house but the car is not parked inside where it makes it difficult for us to drive our car out.
One day, i hope some good Samaritan will scratch your car and put out the air from all of your tyres (bitch!)

-one year when we left the car outside of our house like what they did coz we’re planning to visit some relatives. Just coz now that the table is turned and they can’t get the hell outta their house, they screamed at us at the top of their lungs on the most “pantang” day of the year. First day of Chinese New Year. Super MCH!
-this just happen earlier this evening. Mr Hubs washed his car and after wiping down the car, he needs to repark his car into the car porch. And guess what? One of the devil’s spawn was busy lighting up some fire crackers in the middle of the road. When Mr Hubs asks the young boy politely to get the hell outta the way so that he can fucking park his damn car, he actually moved away. But his stupid brainless motherfucker uncle say go ahead and light the fucking fire cracker while Mr Hubs was parking his car. And the damn thing will obviously kena his car right? Super MCH SON OF A BITCH!
Enough of bitching after all it’s CNY soon!
Muaks y’all~
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