Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy V-Day

People from all over the world either look forward to V-Day or loathe it. For me, it's just another excuse to get present from Mr Hubs.

I am sadly dissapointed this year because he did not get me anything for V-day despite my heavy hints for the past week. I guess men are either super blur or super stingy. I go with the latter. If he is reading this post, I'm DEAD!

But he did compensate by treating me Korean food at one of my favorite restaurant in Puchong. Daorae Korean Restaurant. Thinking of the food there makes me salivate.

The superstar of V-day night was Mok Sal. Pictured above. Mok Sal is pork shoulder. It has a balance of fats and meat. What is the best word to describe Mok Sal ? Is it juicy ? Is it pungent ? Or should I call it superduperlicious ? 

The next time we go Daorae again, we're gonna order 2 portions of Mok Sal. I am crossing my fingers that it'll be sooner than later.


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