Friday, February 4, 2011

Neighbour from hell

I loathe my in laws neighbour. They are the type of people that you’ll want to murder at first glance. There are many reasons for this. Let me share this with you guys who reads my blog. And it’ll be even better if the fucked up neighbour is reading this. I wish you well you bastards!

-they will forever park their car outside of their house. This is okay if the road is actually wide and can fit 2 cars. But it’s a small lane where at any one time can go in and out only in one direction. There’s plenty of space inside the house but the car is not parked inside where it makes it difficult for us to drive our car out.
One day, i hope some good Samaritan will scratch your car and put out the air from all of your tyres (bitch!)

-one year when we left the car outside of our house like what they did coz we’re planning to visit some relatives. Just coz now that the table is turned and they can’t get the hell outta their house, they screamed at us at the top of their lungs on the most “pantang” day of the year. First day of Chinese New Year. Super MCH!
-this just happen earlier this evening. Mr Hubs washed his car and after wiping down the car, he needs to repark his car into the car porch. And guess what? One of the devil’s spawn was busy lighting up some fire crackers in the middle of the road. When Mr Hubs asks the young boy politely to get the hell outta the way so that he can fucking park his damn car, he actually moved away. But his stupid brainless motherfucker uncle say go ahead and light the fucking fire cracker while Mr Hubs was parking his car. And the damn thing will obviously kena his car right? Super MCH SON OF A BITCH!
Enough of bitching after all it’s CNY soon!
Muaks y’all~


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