Tuesday, August 18, 2015

ups and downs and all around

i've just realised that i haven't blogged since the death of my beloved grandmother early this year. a lot had happened. there was a lot of tears and alcohol involved.

"CRYING is the only way your eyes speak when your mouth can't explain how broken you are."

i shared this quote on my fb page yesterday which i found on wattpad. it seems fitting for a lot of situations. a friend of mine thought that something bad happened to me, which is not true. i'm doing fine. just made some wrong decisions recently and am set to correct it asap.

i kinda missed the days when i blog about nonsense and wonder whether anyone reads my blog. and now i almost forgot that i had one in the first place. been taking up a few new hobbies (which occupies my mind most of the time and money), reading on wattpad instead of the books that i bought from BBW sale blah blah blah.


and i never thought that i enjoy being alone so much during the day.

when i was working in my previous job, i must have lunch buddies with me all the time. i feel weird eating by myself. probably this was caused by my bad experience in my housing area. there are too many "kepohs" (nosy SOBs) here.

but these days, i yearn for alone time, all the time. especially during the day when i can just sit at a cafe, stare into space or let others stare at me while i sip on my cup of cappuccino and order another one (just because i feel like it). or start crocheting like an old lady (but that is your perception), i think i'm hip.... haha

there was once when i started crocheting at a local cafe that is very popular among the young 'uns in PJ at night. i overheard the conversations of the "kepohs" seated next to my table. they consists of 2 couples around 18-21 y.o and one of the boy was curious and started asking his gf what the hell i was doing with my crochet needle and stuff. the girl will normally be the nonchalant one and replied, "i dunno, i saw my aunt did that last time, i think it's knitting or something." and the boy asked, "do you know how to do it?". "pffft. no" she replied. don't be jealous just because you're too lazy to take up a hobby except to pick up your smartphone and start taking selfies.

anyways, she was wrong. what i was doing was not knitting, it was crocheting and yes, there's a difference. knitting consists of using 2 needles and above. crocheting is done using a single crochet hook. TQVM!


today though, i feel extra lazy. i woke up and started coughing my lungs out. it has progressed from having the mother of all sore throats and fever to cough. and despite my best effort to incubate it within my body, it failed. and i hate coughs. it takes forever to cure it and i do believe in the old wives' tale that if i'm suffering from coughs, i shouldn't eat chicken because it will worsen the situation and chicken is my staple food. without my staple food, i go psycho!

but i did make myself a cup of coffee, do some sexy reading on wattpad and then took a dump. and attempt to blog about it now. i'm still contemplating on my bath and lunch and it's 1.03pm. today is definitely not a day that i want to drive out but i can't order nando's as well because of my cough and i don't feel like cooking instant noodle. should i go back to sleep? tough choices... and i do want to build my "ONE PIECE: Thousand Sunny" pirate ship which i bought from a GUNDAM fair a couple of months back.


my brother introduce a new series from comedy central to me yesterday and it got me hooked. the last show was "Jane the Virgin". anyway, this comedy period drama is called "Another Period", what a punny and fitting title. it was so funny that i watched all 8 episodes in half a day. i need a life, seriously!

xoxo, me

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