Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My experience with La Sardina The Guvnor

The La Sardina was a gift, to read more click here. And I did a lot of reading and stuff about it before putting in my first roll of film. I enjoy the process of research before doing it or else I'll regret it big time when nothing comes out. And I'll just give up on it. In order to prevent myself from doing that, I study. Sounds like a lot of work for a toy camera but I love it so shut up and keep your thoughts to yourself.

I came across a few blogs and most of them said that their first 2 rolls came out blank. I was worried and had to make sure that I got it right or else I'll cry. Mine came out with images BUT it's SIGH. Maybe I put too much expectations on it.

Here are some images from the first roll and the bad thing is I can't remember what film I use. Double fuck!

Starbucks at night with Fritz the Blitz (flash).

Random shot of recycling bins. Outdoor evening shot with cloudy sky.

Also taken with Fritz the Blitz.

Double exposure. One day, one night.

Taken indoor with yellow lighting and Fritz the Blitz.

By the end of the roll, the photos are shit and I've put it in Bulb mode (without realizing it) for daytime shooting. Slap myself silly!

I will still try the La Sardina and this time be very careful with every shot.

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