Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Introducing La Sardina The Guvnor

Hey y'all! There's a new family member to my camera collection and I'm excited to share it. It's Lomography's La Sardina The Guvnor. A gift from Mr Hubs :) I've always wanted a La Sardina for it's cute little sardine can size and quirky design. The Guvnor is a special edition made in conjunction with the London Olympics and the home of the biggest Lomography and Lomographers.

Look no further but feast your eyes on this beautiful camera.

La Sardina The Guvnor in its box. Love the vibrant blue and street names printed on it. I HDR-ed the photo coz it's one of my favourite photography filters.

It is indeed the Ultimate Analogue Deep-Sea Gem. Sardine = Fish that swims underwater , Geddit ? Lame...haha

Unboxed. It comes with Fritz the Blitz flash that requires CR123 battery. It's about RM12-15 each. You can find it at any Ace Hardware store in Malaysia. It comes with 4 color filters which fits perfectly with the flash.

A close-up view of the body of the camera. Don't you just love it?

It comes with a manual and waranty and stuff. Beautifully packed.

The outer part of the manual. Sardine cans over the years, all over the world. Go grab yourself a sardine sandwich now will ya?

Can't wait to play with this :)


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