Monday, August 16, 2010

Verbal Diarrhea

When I was 18, I always had this dream that by 30 I'll be rich and fabulous. I will not need a man to support me financially but more of an accessory(eye candy). I'll have the most fabulous party ever at the hottest club in town with all my closest friends.

But alas.....

30 is coming in a couple of days and I am not rich but I am absolutely fabulous (in my own fantasy lar). I no longer have the urge to club or drink. I can't believe that I'm gonna say this but clubs give me headache and it's a waste of money. If I have to drink, I prefer to pay for duty free alcohol coz it's cheaper and there's plenty to drink without feeling the pinch in the wallet. (am i even using this correctly? but then again who cares?)

The important things in my life now :
  1. I have a place to live
  2. I still have a job. Gonna be jobless soon :)
  3. I have good & level headed friends to keep me sane
  4. I have a husband who sometimes loves me for who I am & hates me every other day :)
  5. My family members are mostly supportive of the things that I do
  6. Facebook is not banned in Malaysia
  7. Indy is old. If he has to go, I hope that he don't have to suffer and go peacefully. If given a choice, I want him to live forever.
  8. Contemplating whether to buy a dog as companion or not
  9. Wants something from Burberry, Gucci & Hermes badly
  10. World peace
I've been suffering from sleepless nights for the past couple of nights leading up to my big day. Is it pure anxiety or is age catching up with me? Old people needs less sleep. And I feel like an old cow.


  1. You can't be getting old.... old people do need less sleep, and since you sleep about 8-12 hours, well....
    Sleepless nights and whole days sleeping... What you need to do is to move to a place where the time zone matches your body. Either that or train your body to match our timezone again.
    And btw, imho, you are..!

  2. What old ppl need less sleep..I want MORE SLEEP...
    I want more time 2 do the things i wanna do like DAYdream:} n watch cheesy movies...:}...Aiiieee 30 ain't so bout 35?

  3. fourty is sooooooooooooooon old....

  4. old cucumber loh wong kua


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