Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nonsense Paranoia

#1 taking sleeping pills on a flight. what if there was an emergency and you can't wake up from it. you die!
#2 taking a dump in public toilets. your butt crack is exposed to all kinds of germs. you  might not die but your  butt might be infected by bacteria of all nature. you seriously dun wanna go there
#3 talking on your cell phone during a thunderstorm. you might not die but your ears might be fried!
#4 walking while texting. you might fall into a longkang and seriously hurt yourself
#5 driving on wet roads, brakes might jam & you might crashed into the car in front of you.
#6 drink too much water & it might get into your lungs and you might collapse & die.
#7 cutting veg at home alone. accidentally cut yourself, faint and bleed to death.
#8 ate too much fast food coz ur lazy and it might clog up your arteries and die.


  1. #1 you MAY just want to be asleep if the plane is gonna go down...
    #2 Whats the alternative? Let go in your pants? Believe me, not a good feeling.. :-P.
    #3 Indoors can marr.
    #4 What about when driving?
    #5 verbal diarrhea
    #6 Were you bored when you wrote this ah?
    #7 means vegetables are bad for you?
    #8 isnt this really true?

  2. haha... as i've said it's verbak diarrhea.. it's not supposed to mean anything just a bunch of nonsense...


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