Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beautiful & Clean Miri, Sarawak

I went to Miri in Sarawak a couple of days ago for work. Arrived there around 3 plus in the afternoon. And proceed to the hotel which is located 10 mins away from the airport. Got into my room and saw this breathtaking view. I had to snap a pic. Normally the room I get is facing the main road which is Jalan Holiday (i just realised it) and this is like a chance of a lifetime.

Believe or not I've been working with my company for almost 5 years and I have never step out to Miri town. This is because normally my colleagues are too tired to go out to town or I'm too lazy. Or it's too late in the night and the shuttle services are closed for the day.

Anyway, I'm thankful this time around coz most of them want to go out for dinner. And I was excited despite my tiredness. It was full flight all the way. Don't play play!

The specialty in Miri is Nasi Lalapan. And according to Mr Captain, it is actually like Ayam Penyet from Indonesia. But I've never tried any of those so it was a treat! I opt for the less spicy sambal coz I'm not so brave~ Or should I say my arse can't take the heat. Or it'll be on fire baybeh~

After dinner, we chitchat for another hour while waiting for the shuttle service van to come pick us up. Sometimes it's a hassle not having a car to drive around. But beggars can't be choosers.

Mr Captain treat us this delicious dinner and we were soooo happy. I am happy whenever I don't have to pay. Who doesn't right? Free food is always nice and extra delicious.

Got back to the hotel around 8pm and I slept til the next morning. In fact, I slept like a baby. Didn't bother to turn on the TV eventhough it's World Cup fever now.

I woke up to this beautiful view. Life is just so beautiful~

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Would you go to the movies with me?

couple of weeks ago, mr husband and i went to a nearby cinema to watch 'the karate kid". eventhough we're married, we still go for dates occasionally. we're not the "stay at home & fester" type of couple.

back to the cinema issue. it was full house coz of jacky chan and it was the school holiday period. (it was packed like sardines everywhere). the crowd was pretty much a mixtured of any kind of human form.

the movie was so-so (expected) and it shouldn't be named "the karate kid". the more fitting title should be "the kungfu kid". anyway, the point of me blogging about the cinema is not a movie review but rather the weird cinema go-ers.

i would categorize them into 7 types of special individuals. let me see here...we shall start with :-

1. the unofficial commentator

i suspect that these people have no one to talk to at home therefore they grab whatever opportunity given to them and talk non stop. (preferbly during the movie). and they are not subtle about it either. they even put in their 2 cents about what's gonna happen later on in the movie and predict the ending. these are "sin kah lan" or SKL for short.

2. the loud muncher

must eat while watching the movie and make sure the world share it with them. somehow these people manage to chew their food like a vacuum cleaner sucking in dusts. if you're a fan of " how i met your mother"(the series) there is an episode on Lily eating like that. it is irritating ok? keep your mouth close and chew quietly.

3. the feet rester

somehow the cinema is like home to these people. manners and consideration are left at their own home. they think that their feet smells like flower. these people like to put their feet on the seat in front of them irregardless of whether the seat is occupied or not. maybe they're born with extra long legs. as though the space between the seats are narrow. somehow these people manage to do it. salute to them for being an imbecile~

4. the seat kicker

shaking your leg is fun! why not kick the seat in front and share the joy? enough said! next time bring your own isqueeze and place your legs inside and vibrate til you "song song" (hokkien).

5. the armrest hogger

i know you're big and macho and if the regular seat doesn't fit, buy the couple seat. don't hog people's arm rest. we pay for the same fare ok? whether i use the arm rest or not it doesn't matter. that is my personal space so please respect it. i don't know you that well!

6. the big time businessman

these people are either BTC (boh tak chek - hokkien) or big time businessman. direct translation for BTC is never go to school. they are forever on the phone even while the movie is running. if you wish to talk on the phone, then don't watch movie. we don't want to hear about your million dollars transactions.

before the movie start, the management had already informed everyone to put your handphone on silent mode. listen to instructions. those things are there for a reason.

7. last but not least, the snorer

i know you're tired and you love your girlfriend/wife or the movie is boring. but if you want to sleep, please do it in the comfort of your own home. it is not a crime to sleep but please don't snore like a chainsaw switched ON. we actually want to know what's happening on the screen in front of us. be considerate.

if you have experienced any of this, you'll understand what i'm talking about. if you're of the culprit, please stop and love thy cinema neighbour.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


we celebrated father's day a day earlier not because of kiasu-ness . but yours truly is working on 20th june. yeah! it sucks to work on sunday. any given sunday for that matter.

we will normally celebrate it with the whole family, meaning uncles & aunties and grandparents. but since my grandpa passed away last year, we've decided to have a private dinner this year. it's just my dad, mom, brother, sister & hubby.

and knowing chinese family we normally go to a chinese restaurant and have a bloody 9 course dinner. thank god to my "open to change" dad, he suggested japanese food and he chose Hanazen at jaya one. i know where the hell the place is but have never set foot there before for many reasons.

  • i'm not a craze jap foodie
  • i don't eat raw fish
  • no money to eat coz it's normally expensive
  • no patience to wait for the table coz it's always full irregardless of which jap outlet
  • no jap chef. all chinese "mata sepet" chef only
however, this time i make the exception coz it's father's day. anyhow, when we got there voila! no available table (duh!) coz we didn't make any reservation.

the chefs are all "cina beng" (didn't see any good lookings one). and the bill came up to rm300 plus. so far i've been complaining but it was actually a fun night.

from the moment we go to the restaurant, we started cam whoring. it's out of boredom coz it took forever to get a table. if i'm lucky, i get to have dinner with my family once a week. sometimes once in 2 weeks. once again i blame the rostering department (gotta point my finger at something right?)

dad looked extremely happy and encouraged me to order the kobe beef but i decline graciously. coz it's expensive and i'm stingy. and whatever that goes into my stomach will eventually out down south so why waste it? my digestive is super efficient. so no-no don't waste good shit (pardon the pun).

i opt for sukiyaki instead coz it's soup based with lots of veg (good for health) and a few slices of beef (cheap ass stuff but taste good). dad ordered sushi platter but the plate is too plain and not decorative enough coz it's rm60 (a platter). can't remember the rest of the dishes coz i'm not fluent with jap menu.

it's great to see how happy my family is. i am grateful for the love and joy we have as a family. anyway, enough nonsense already.

Happy Father's Day to my dad (you may visit his blog if you're interested) and to all father around the world.

by the way, mr indy wishes mr husband a "Happy Father's Day" too. he is grateful to you for feeding him when mommy is not around. she must be busy gallivanting somewhere or busy sleeping. with love mr indy the cutie.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A very humble chef indeed....

met up with some friends last night for makan & talk cock session. as everyone's busy working, we only get to meet up once in a while. anyway, we met up at damansara heights (tepi jalan) and ate at a place called "the humble chef". to be precise, it is not a cafe or place or restaurant. it should be called "meals on wheels".

the place is operated by 2 guys and 1 girl. they are nice & friendly. basically, you'll feel very at home there. the place is simple with just a few tables and chairs placed by the road side. i experienced "cafe world" moments there (i know i'm a bloody geek).

according to JL, the place is normally packed with patrons and it'll take a while for the food to be served. but i guess that it was our lucky day(night...hehe) coz our orders came swiftly.

we had their specialty; lamb pita and spaghetti. we almost went to food heaven when we took our first bite. it was awesome! yes, i'm not exaggerating..they are really that good.

i will suggest this place to all who love food. the only setback is that they do not have a toilet. but what do you expect from the place?

lamb pita only costs RM 4 while the spaghetti is RM5. they even sell homemade chocolate chip cookies.

after all our tummies are filled and yummy, we went our separate ways (home) with a smile on our faces.

*too excited to makan & forgot to take pics...next time maybe~

Monday, June 14, 2010

Dream Job or Helluva Job?

when i'm alone i sometimes wonder whether is this really a dream job like what everyone says. it's fun and you get to travel. yeah, to some people it may be. but for me, well, i am home sick most of the time and i can't get a goodnight sleep when i'm put up at a hotel. maybe it's the bed, the pillows or the weird noises in the background, above the ceiling, besides the bed. maybe ghost stories from seniors. sigh who knows?

on the outside, we slab on layers & layers of ICI paint and look glamorous but anyone can look half decent with makeup on. like duh! anyway, putting on makeup is sometimes a pain in the ass coz it is obviously no good for the skin. flying tends to dehydrate the skin as well. and the hours spent walking, standing, smiling...too much of anything is not a good thing~

at times, even with all the bullshit i do enjoy my job. there are always good and bad days. it's a matter of how you see it and how you want it to be. just tell yourself that " i choose to be happy & cheerful today". it does make a difference~

what i like the most would be cloud watching. it seems so peaceful. just me and the clouds. flying higher & higher floating floating high up in the air~

Friday, June 11, 2010

A Love Story

about 2 yrs ago, i was having a hard time with my life. (drama queen mode ON) a walking zombie to be exact!

then one day mr husband picked me up from work and told me that we have a "visitor". as usual, i got excited coz i love company. (this is due to my kepoh gene)

"who is it" i asked.
"you'll know when we get home" replied mr husband.
"but i wanna know. is it mr x?" <---mr husband's good friend from his hometown.
"no, it's not him. don't ask anymore silly question. you'll know when we get home"

i frowned and yet excited inside, trying to guess who the mysterious visitor was.

when we got home, the lights were off and there was nobody home.

"hey! you liar~ why did you lie to me? there's nobody here!" (angry mode on coz kena tipu)
"it is inside the toilet. i'm not lying"

i told him that it's not funny.

"is it a snake or what?" I'll pee in my pants, scream at the top of my lungs and faint at the same time"

this is not a joke..i'm serious~

"you and your questions. can you just go in and have a look?"
"okay fine!"

i crack open the toilet door and peek. there's nothing in there...sheessh
*show muka beh syiok*

"look inside the pail"
i did and guess wat i saw?

a white furry ball was inside nibbling on a piece of biscuit. not just any biscuit ok? but those lotte biscuits i got from korea. i fell in love then. confirm that it is love at first sight.

it is the cutest thing ever. i called it "IT" coz i wasn't sure of its' sex.

"how did he get here? did u buy it? why only one?"

apparently, it came into our home from god knows where. mr husband got home from work and went into his "office" room, switched on the light and this small furry white ball scurry outta the room. mr husband caught it and imprison it with a piece of biscuit inside the pail.

i named him mr indiana jones-ooi or mr indy coz he is an adventurer and he has balls. he is a winter white hamster :) i stayed on the 6th floor of an apartment building so you can imagine his "ballsiness".

nobody claimed to have lost their pet so i adopted him until today.
he is my love and joy besides mr husband. from the day he came into my life up until today he is still my lovely mr son.

i love you mr indy and i always will. live long & prosper!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rainy days are scary days

i was in kk yesterday for work and had to fly back to base in the afternoon after a minimum rest of 13 hours...on the way to the airport was jammed coz it was raining cats & dogs. it took us forever to get there. almost dozed off and went into dreamland.

when we finally arrived at the airport, we have to get our bags scanned twice. after that, we reached the bay and there was not many passengers around. good news~ light load. but alas! after checking with the ground staff our flt was full. damn! we never have such good luck as it is the school holiday season now and everyone is rushing into their holidays. sometimes i wonder whether these people need to work or not.

more bad news to come~
our aircraft have not arrived! and my colleagues went off for a quick lunch. they practically have to wolf down their lunch coz we had no idea what time the aircraft is arriving.
by the time we got back to the bay, we were told that the aircraft have not arrived due to heavy rain. that was also the pilots' guess. the sky was clouded by dark black clouds.

the airport was freaking cold with the full blast aircond and heavy rain outside. we sat there and waited closed to 2 and a half hours. a lot of passengers were stranded there. looking lost and so were we. some even took up their courage to ask us whether they are at the right place to board the plane. we told them yes and ask them to wait. it was like pigs waiting to be slaughtered.

after a long wait, we spotted an aircraft approaching. our hopes were up but it was an airbus 330. no such luck~ and a few more minutes after that another aircraft approach. it was another airbus 330. dang!

we saw some pilots coming out and kepoh our way over to ask the whereabout of our aircraft. apparently our aircraft was holding in the air for a while and due to shortage of fuel, the aircraft have to divert back to the previous station to wait for the rain to ease before another attempt of take off and landing.


finally when our aircraft has arrived, we board the plane and get to work (fast!) because we have another 2 sectors to go. safety equipments were checked and catering had arrived to load the meals for our hungry passengers. we put on our best smile (despite the long delay and exhaustion from waiting...) and greet our beloved passengers.

a man came in with his laptop bag and he stopped in front of me and asked me, "excuse me miss. is it safe to put my laptop there?" (pointing at the overhead compartment)

i smiled at him and replied, " well, the overhead compartment are for bags and that's where the rest of the passengers put their bags. however, if you feel that it is not safe, you may place your bag underneath your seat" (and smile a bigger smile eventhough i think he's a moron)

anyhow, the rest of the boarding was smooth sailing. and we prepare for take off.
after serving the meals, and 2-3 rounds of tray collections. we sat down to have our long anticipated meal.

a male passenger who had nothing to do and bored outta his brain came to the galley area to chitchat. we are really hungry and had no time to layan him. so we just ate. and he walked off. i know this sounds really bad and seem very mean of us but we are only human and need food to operate.

we ate in silence and for once breathe a sigh of relieve. our stomachs are once again yummy~

part of the job is to walk around the cabin to check on the passengers needs and wants. and this time a lady came up to me.
"excuse me miss. how come it's so cold today? normally the cabin is warm"
"well, madam as you can see. it rained heavily today hence the coldness. but i've already informed the captain to increase the cabin temperature. so don't worry it will not be cold after this."
"is it?" ( she looks at the windows)
(me thinking to myself...oh gosh...we're flying so high up in the air. how are you gonna see the rain)

i smiled at her and walked off.

sometimes, there are just a too many moronic people out there. and as a cabin crew there is nothing that we can do. coz we can't help this people to develop their brain.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Life As It Is

waking up at god knows what time and the sun has been up like forever. yawning and lazing around rolling on the bed til kingdom come. if i'm lucky, i'll get to do that for a couple of days a week. and i truly thank god for that. (we must be thankful for everything yeah...)

at times i have to wake up at the break of dawn, sometimes pre-dawn or twilight...(am i even using the right word here?) to go to work. when this shit happens, i blame the people working in the rostering department. WTH were they thinking? that is the best time to sleep and dream of flying drumsticks, yummy domino's chix wings, mao san wong durian and edward cullen (the yummy vamp...oh yeah baybeh u know what i'm talking bout...*grin*)

some days, i walk around like a zombie(only to work)...or zombie-like coz it's not possible to look like a zombie... does zombie even exists? anyway, u know what i mean... lack of sleep due to anxiety of oversleeping and miss the alarm blares. or too much food that causes indigestion the night before...damn those lok lok vans near home...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Start with a BIG BANG

i have been contemplating for a while whether to start blogging again. coz i'm not a someone who finishes what i've started. like the chinese saying, "sam fan jung yuet dou".

anyway, i've just finished watching the 3 seasons of "The Big Bang Theory". i have to say i love the tv series. it is definitely different from other series. total nerd nation and anal to the max. my fave character of coz is dr sheldon cooper. coz he's the anal-ess of them all.

can't wait til september coz season 4 is starting again...woohoo...

"Our whole universe was in a hot dense state,
Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started. Wait...
The Earth began to cool,
The autotrophs began to drool,
Neanderthals developed tools,
We built a wall (we built the pyramids),
Math, science, history, unraveling the mysteries,
That all started with the big bang!"

Cool song by Barenaked Ladies....
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