Saturday, June 26, 2010

Would you go to the movies with me?

couple of weeks ago, mr husband and i went to a nearby cinema to watch 'the karate kid". eventhough we're married, we still go for dates occasionally. we're not the "stay at home & fester" type of couple.

back to the cinema issue. it was full house coz of jacky chan and it was the school holiday period. (it was packed like sardines everywhere). the crowd was pretty much a mixtured of any kind of human form.

the movie was so-so (expected) and it shouldn't be named "the karate kid". the more fitting title should be "the kungfu kid". anyway, the point of me blogging about the cinema is not a movie review but rather the weird cinema go-ers.

i would categorize them into 7 types of special individuals. let me see here...we shall start with :-

1. the unofficial commentator

i suspect that these people have no one to talk to at home therefore they grab whatever opportunity given to them and talk non stop. (preferbly during the movie). and they are not subtle about it either. they even put in their 2 cents about what's gonna happen later on in the movie and predict the ending. these are "sin kah lan" or SKL for short.

2. the loud muncher

must eat while watching the movie and make sure the world share it with them. somehow these people manage to chew their food like a vacuum cleaner sucking in dusts. if you're a fan of " how i met your mother"(the series) there is an episode on Lily eating like that. it is irritating ok? keep your mouth close and chew quietly.

3. the feet rester

somehow the cinema is like home to these people. manners and consideration are left at their own home. they think that their feet smells like flower. these people like to put their feet on the seat in front of them irregardless of whether the seat is occupied or not. maybe they're born with extra long legs. as though the space between the seats are narrow. somehow these people manage to do it. salute to them for being an imbecile~

4. the seat kicker

shaking your leg is fun! why not kick the seat in front and share the joy? enough said! next time bring your own isqueeze and place your legs inside and vibrate til you "song song" (hokkien).

5. the armrest hogger

i know you're big and macho and if the regular seat doesn't fit, buy the couple seat. don't hog people's arm rest. we pay for the same fare ok? whether i use the arm rest or not it doesn't matter. that is my personal space so please respect it. i don't know you that well!

6. the big time businessman

these people are either BTC (boh tak chek - hokkien) or big time businessman. direct translation for BTC is never go to school. they are forever on the phone even while the movie is running. if you wish to talk on the phone, then don't watch movie. we don't want to hear about your million dollars transactions.

before the movie start, the management had already informed everyone to put your handphone on silent mode. listen to instructions. those things are there for a reason.

7. last but not least, the snorer

i know you're tired and you love your girlfriend/wife or the movie is boring. but if you want to sleep, please do it in the comfort of your own home. it is not a crime to sleep but please don't snore like a chainsaw switched ON. we actually want to know what's happening on the screen in front of us. be considerate.

if you have experienced any of this, you'll understand what i'm talking about. if you're of the culprit, please stop and love thy cinema neighbour.


  1. hahaha... so true.
    Hey, come to think of it, these are pretty much valid for passengers in flight as well.. :-).

  2. No 6 the most irritating for ALL.....


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