Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Restaurant Loong Foong, Taman Paramount PJ

Tonight's dinner was at Restaurant Loong Foong, famed for their roast duck. I grew up in PJ and I used to be a regular. Once I moved to timbuktoo I seldom eat here because the roast duck finishes quite fast. They set up shop around 5 plus in the evening and sometimes by 8ish all the good stuff are gone.

I am in serious need of a camera coz the pic quality is shite. iPhone is great but seriously, do you have to have such a lousy lens? Anyways, back to the food....slurp*

HK Kailan (once fave)

1/2 Roast Duck... super yummy... super hot...super crispy skin...super sensational

Chilli sauce which I don't take but just snap a photo lar for entertainment purposes

Duck gravy...I also don't take but for presentation purposes just snap photo again. I like to eat the meat in its original state in order to taste it..if it makes any sense

Last but not least, the rice. Nothing to shout about but it's a good complement for the tasty roast duck.
Managed to wallop everything in no time. I wonder when will be the next trip here again.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Birthday celebration@Duck King

Tonight we had dinner at Duck King Tycoon Restaurant to celebrate Ms FN's birthday. We (Ms FN, Mr AL, Ms RC, Ms MT, Ms KC, Ms TEL & I) trot over to Wisma Selangor Dredging at around 7pm. I would say that this is one of our earliest dinner thingy. Coz normally we will take our own sweet time, dilly dallying before leaving the office. I personally feel that the office has this magnetizing effect that makes you want to stay behind and get some work done.

To cut the story short, we arrived in no time and once again we're the earliest to arrive during dinner service. What's happening to the people around town ? Nobody eats dinner at 7 plus anymore? Does it mean that dinner starts at 8.30pm onwards?

The menu

Tidbits (RM4.00) 
Yet to decipher what's inside

Luo Han Guo (RM3.80)
Tasty and not diluted by ice

1/2 Roast Duck (RM28.80)
Crispy but portion too small

Watercress Soup (RM12.80)
Boiled to perfection. Love the soup.

Longevity Noodle (RM12.80)
Special treat for Ms FN. However, we feel that this is more wantan mee than the usual longetivity noodle. I think we kena con

Hot Plate Tofu with Salted Fish (RM16.80)
Tofu is silky soft and the mushroom is fresh and pungent. Love it!

HK Kailan (RM18.80)
My favorite veggie of all the veggie in the veggie kingdom. Love the stem. Loaded with Vitamin.

Grilled Pacific Squid (RM22.80)
Oh! Ika... high in cholestrol. But my all time favorite. However, the ika here is not so good. Too charred and a bit on the dry side. The chilli made up for it.

Overall, I would say that it was a fun night. I was too excited taking pics of the food that I forgot to snap the birthday girl's pic. Sorry ar Ms FN! Don't marah ok? Goojii goojii goo~~

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Finding a place to eat everyday is a battle. Despite being in Malaysia (haven for food), it is equally hard to decide. Anyway, today we opt for Rice米aurant, Bangsar Village II after much hype from their FB campaign. I'm not sure whether Rice米aurant was opened before ben's or the other way round. If I am not mistaken, it was supposed to be a Japanese restaurant called "For Goodness Sake". I guess they did not do so well and hence the change of concept. (smart & fast thinking!)

We reached shortly after 7pm and we were the first patron for dinner service. We receive warm greetings from the floor manager and server.

The signage that greeted us upon entry. Couldn't resist snapping a pic. I have a thing for the chinese character '米' 

Reminiscing the good old days when I was back in school. It reminds me of homework!

The menu. Simple and straight to the point. Under each category there are only a few style of cooking. So, no headache there. As you know, Chinese restaurants normally have tons and tons of style of cooking for a type of meat. I like the simplicity in their menu.

Table deco. The ambience is dark with a hint of light from the lantern on each individual table. Oh so romantic! It feels like I'm in another dimension or era. (if I don't look out the glass window facing Border's)

Hanging red lanterns by the glass window to block out Border's (I suppose). Love the deco but the chair is so wrong.

The cutlery. Pretty much BIG group signature cutlery. I was hoping to see wooden chopsticks.

Soup of the day : Winter Melon Soup (RM5.90)
Should've scoop up the ingredient before snapping the pic. Tastes good, definitely much better than Esquire Kitchen's soup.

After a while, only did I realised that the top of the kitchen is decorated with tiffin carrier. Oh the good old days when mom was too tired to cook and we ordered from those food delivery services where we exchange tiffin carrier daily for the following day's meal.

Salted Egg with Bitter Gourd (RM12.90)
For those who dislike bitter gourd, this is something that you should try out. First and foremost, the salted egg overpowers the bitter gourd's bittersweet taste. Therefore this dish is definitely a winner. However, it is best shared among a party of four.

Salted Fish Omelette (RM12.90)
This dish is tasty too but a tad too oily. Shouldn't have ordered this as the previous dish is already salty. Argghhh my cholestrol level will be rising again!

Ginger & Spring Onions Beef  (RM18.90)
To me, this dish is okay and there are plenty of room for improvement. As I love this specific dish, I will normally order it from different restaurant to gauge its quality. The best I've had so far was at The Chinese Restaurant, Hyatt Hotel Kota Kinabalu. It was my saviour during my flying days. I will always remember it and I crave for it once in a while. Perhaps I should fly over there someday soon to eat it again.

 I will definitely visit RICE米AURANT again because I have yet to try their Lotus Root Soup. Another one of my favorite but it is only available on Mondays. And it's a bitch to travel all the way to Bangsar after a long day at work. 
On a final note, I wish that  RICE米AURANT would use proper chinese tea cup for tea servings instead of those plastic-ky nonsense they have at Canoodling. If you want to potray authenticity, the least you could do is put some consideration into your choice of cutlery.

Weird stats

I think something weird is happening to my blog. I keep getting spams on my blog. How did it happen? Why did they choose "Snail Story" to spam ? Can anyone tell me ?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cristang - Pork in all its Glory~

One fine Sunday afternoon, we've decided to check out a place famed for their porkies. Cristang is located at 8 Avenue, PJ. It's a fairly new building (yellow colour) opposite PJ Hilton and behind Courts Mammoth. If you're not sure, google it. 
The famed pork burgers are categorized by levels. As we are not so brave, we opt from P1-P3. The pork patty is juicy, fresh, sufficient amount of onions and too much MSG if you ask me.

P1 - Pork Burger (RM 17.80)
with all the usual trimmings and Cajun wedges
(ordered by Mr LSY)

P2 - The Bacon Classic (RM20.80)
Grilled Pork Patty with 2 slices of Grilled Back Bacon
(ordered by Ms TEL)

P3 - The original (RM25.20)
Pork Patty, Bacon & Minced Chilli Con Carne
(ordered by me, mua & I)

Orgasmic Mashed Potatoes
I was expecting bigger portion coz we're all sharing and I love potatoes. Anyways, we dug our fork into this supposedly orgasmic thingy and was quite dissapointed as there was not enough butter in the mashie.

Grilled Pork Chops (RM24.80)
Lean pork slices, seasoned with Cajun seasoning & served with sauteed veg & herbed buttered mashed potatoes & black pepper cream sauce
(ordered by Ms JL)
- Ms JL is okay with her GPC as she was super hungry and sapu the whole damn plate in less than 5 mins

Nasi Lemak Goreng (RM16.80)
with Bacon and Chinese Sausage
(ordered by Mr Hubs) 
- price is a bit steep for a plate of NLG and it doesn't taste extraordinarily good
My cuppa
Looks good... but taste should I say it without hurting anybody's feeling? Hmm... it's a cup of cappuccino that doesn't taste like cappuccino.

We left the place happy coz the food was tasty. The MSG has not kicked in yet. We had to pay for parking as it is a new kinda shop lot thingy. And it's RM2! Who wants to pay for parking on a Sunday outside of a mall? The answer is N-O-B-O-D-Y!!

Anyways, we left the place and head off to a nearby Digital Mall to get some goodies. I think a good 30 mins has passed and all of us were holding our dehydrated throat. We need a drink badly. It starts to become scratchy. So we head off to good ol' Pappa Rich for a nice glass of K10 (Iced Pappa Cham).

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Meaningless blog post on a random week day night

I haven't been blogging because I have not come across any new and "tasty food" around town. However, I've been meaning to try out this place in Plaza Damas called Haute Food Company. Heard that their scones are to die for. I'm a sucker for tea and scones.

Keeping my fingers crossed that it's soon. There are just too many activities now and so little time. And sleep takes up too much of my free time. But I can't be sleep deprived as well coz I get all cranky and in return a total system shut down.

Next place I'm gonna check out will be Cristang Restaurant. Heard that the pork burger is to die for. And they have Petai pork burger. Yum yum~ The ad looks good. Heard from my boss that the burger is yummier than Kissaten's.
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