Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Birthday celebration@Duck King

Tonight we had dinner at Duck King Tycoon Restaurant to celebrate Ms FN's birthday. We (Ms FN, Mr AL, Ms RC, Ms MT, Ms KC, Ms TEL & I) trot over to Wisma Selangor Dredging at around 7pm. I would say that this is one of our earliest dinner thingy. Coz normally we will take our own sweet time, dilly dallying before leaving the office. I personally feel that the office has this magnetizing effect that makes you want to stay behind and get some work done.

To cut the story short, we arrived in no time and once again we're the earliest to arrive during dinner service. What's happening to the people around town ? Nobody eats dinner at 7 plus anymore? Does it mean that dinner starts at 8.30pm onwards?

The menu

Tidbits (RM4.00) 
Yet to decipher what's inside

Luo Han Guo (RM3.80)
Tasty and not diluted by ice

1/2 Roast Duck (RM28.80)
Crispy but portion too small

Watercress Soup (RM12.80)
Boiled to perfection. Love the soup.

Longevity Noodle (RM12.80)
Special treat for Ms FN. However, we feel that this is more wantan mee than the usual longetivity noodle. I think we kena con

Hot Plate Tofu with Salted Fish (RM16.80)
Tofu is silky soft and the mushroom is fresh and pungent. Love it!

HK Kailan (RM18.80)
My favorite veggie of all the veggie in the veggie kingdom. Love the stem. Loaded with Vitamin.

Grilled Pacific Squid (RM22.80)
Oh! Ika... high in cholestrol. But my all time favorite. However, the ika here is not so good. Too charred and a bit on the dry side. The chilli made up for it.

Overall, I would say that it was a fun night. I was too excited taking pics of the food that I forgot to snap the birthday girl's pic. Sorry ar Ms FN! Don't marah ok? Goojii goojii goo~~


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