Monday, June 6, 2011

Cristang - Pork in all its Glory~

One fine Sunday afternoon, we've decided to check out a place famed for their porkies. Cristang is located at 8 Avenue, PJ. It's a fairly new building (yellow colour) opposite PJ Hilton and behind Courts Mammoth. If you're not sure, google it. 
The famed pork burgers are categorized by levels. As we are not so brave, we opt from P1-P3. The pork patty is juicy, fresh, sufficient amount of onions and too much MSG if you ask me.

P1 - Pork Burger (RM 17.80)
with all the usual trimmings and Cajun wedges
(ordered by Mr LSY)

P2 - The Bacon Classic (RM20.80)
Grilled Pork Patty with 2 slices of Grilled Back Bacon
(ordered by Ms TEL)

P3 - The original (RM25.20)
Pork Patty, Bacon & Minced Chilli Con Carne
(ordered by me, mua & I)

Orgasmic Mashed Potatoes
I was expecting bigger portion coz we're all sharing and I love potatoes. Anyways, we dug our fork into this supposedly orgasmic thingy and was quite dissapointed as there was not enough butter in the mashie.

Grilled Pork Chops (RM24.80)
Lean pork slices, seasoned with Cajun seasoning & served with sauteed veg & herbed buttered mashed potatoes & black pepper cream sauce
(ordered by Ms JL)
- Ms JL is okay with her GPC as she was super hungry and sapu the whole damn plate in less than 5 mins

Nasi Lemak Goreng (RM16.80)
with Bacon and Chinese Sausage
(ordered by Mr Hubs) 
- price is a bit steep for a plate of NLG and it doesn't taste extraordinarily good
My cuppa
Looks good... but taste should I say it without hurting anybody's feeling? Hmm... it's a cup of cappuccino that doesn't taste like cappuccino.

We left the place happy coz the food was tasty. The MSG has not kicked in yet. We had to pay for parking as it is a new kinda shop lot thingy. And it's RM2! Who wants to pay for parking on a Sunday outside of a mall? The answer is N-O-B-O-D-Y!!

Anyways, we left the place and head off to a nearby Digital Mall to get some goodies. I think a good 30 mins has passed and all of us were holding our dehydrated throat. We need a drink badly. It starts to become scratchy. So we head off to good ol' Pappa Rich for a nice glass of K10 (Iced Pappa Cham).


  1. Yeah my bro said the food sucks...

  2. it doesn't suck lar... just a lot of msg


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