Sunday, May 25, 2014

Tudorcolor XLX 200 - my first roll on Canon AE-1

I have been neglecting my film cameras and I feel back about it. I want to take pictures so bad but I have not been anywhere over the weekends. Since I started learning Korean language every Saturday afternoon, there's no chance to go anywhere. I was fortunate to have a weekend break last week and 2 weeks before and took the opportunity to snap some pics.

This is my first roll of Tudorcolor XLX 200 which my cousin bought for me from Hong Kong last year. And I almost forgot about this film until recently. I have too many films lying around.

Here are some of the shots I took from a fishing village in Sekinchan, Selangor Malaysia. Hope that you enjoy it.

All the above photos were taken by me on my Canon AE-1 SLR camera. No filter or adjustment via photoshop to it. This is the beauty of film photography. Au naturel~
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