Sunday, October 28, 2012

The story of my eyebrows

Being Asian has its pros and cons. Not burning under sunlight is a pro. Having sparse eyebrows is a total con. As the saying goes, the eyes is the window to the soul. And you can't see mine, I look half asleep most of the time eventhough I'm wide awake.

I am a total chicken when it comes to pain and I do know a lot of individuals that enjoys pain. Not the  bad kind or 50 shades kinda pain.

Late 2005, I got a job that requires a lot of ICI painting on the face. And I tell myself, I will not fucking draw my brows every single morning, not with my makeup skill. So I build up my courage and went to Ultimate Impressions now known as Bluunis for eyebrows embroidery. I paid RM300 plus to get the job done. It was not very painful (still bearable to me) but my eyes kept tearing. And the girl kept selling me shit, saying that my skin requires this and that. I did not pay for their telemarketing skill either. So I shut her up and tell her I'm here only for the eyebrows that I do not want nothing else. I couldn't care less about my skin and I still don't, so she can save her saliva for other customers that is looking for the elixir to immortality.

I was happy with the result then but was told that I need to go back within 3 months for a touch up. WTF? I thought it's just a one off thing for life. And so after the touch up, I did not go back for any shit. And left my brows to suffer and thinned and reddish. Well, I thought it blends with my hair colour.

Fast forward to Year 2012 (the end of the world), my boss suddenly brought up this matter and said that my brows look like shit. Oh God! I didn't know that I look like shit. I thought I look fab with my hairless brows. Haha...

I gave a call to my former torturer and was told that after 7 years, the price jumped up to double. It fucking costs RM600 plus to get the same shit done. I'm not fucking paying that amount of money for beauty. I rather spend it on cameras and films. And the girl on the other end of the phone starts selling me this and that and I should make an appointment to avoid disappointment. Well, I'm disappointed to waste RM600 on that so I'm not worry about that. I end the conversation with shitloads of nonsense.

I asked around (those with nice brows) and found out that a dodgy place is willing to do it for RM350. I'm up for it as long as I look awake and they sterilize their equipment. And so she made us appointments, she needed a touch up.

Took half day leave and went to the dodgy place in Jalan Ipoh. Waited another 2 hours or so despite having an appointment. The place is popular! It's a good sign. And everyone came out with beautiful sets of brows. I'm glad!

Got my hair clipped up to expose my non-existent brows. Tsk tsk tsk... it's red. I look like Ronald McDonald's girlfriend. An assistant came over and turbo plucked my brows (ouch!) and told me that I've over plucked mine. And that I've been wrongly plucking my brows all my fucking life. I didn't know that you only pluck below the brows and nothing above it. I am truly fucked!

The lady boss (Taiwanese knows their shit) came over and drew mine while another customer (a nosy bitch) who was at that time lying down on the bed turn around and looked at mine. I wanted to scream at her to mind her own brows. But I didn't and so I kept my mouth shut. I waited around more and was finally summoned to lie on the bed. OMFG! It makes me wanna pee.

I looked at the lady boss and told her that I'm scared. I think she has seen enough chicken shits in her lifetime and assured me that it's gonna be okay and it's not very painful. Duh! She starts to work on it and I just kept my eyes closed the whole time. According to researchers in Ah-meh-ri-cah, if you don't look at it, it will be less painful. It's true! OMG! They are geniuses! What a revelation.

Mine took forever because I have unbalanced brows. Basically, everything about me are unbalanced including my mind, nope especially my mind. She was super professional and I love the end results. It looks natural and most of the time it looks horribly dark and scary. I was told that I need to go back in a month time to get a touch up.

And I want to end this by saying, " I have brows"

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Long weekend in Penang...

Another long weekend break for us Malaysian. Ahhh ! What a life. And Mr Hubs and I decided to visit Penang again. To rekindle with friends and family. It's more of being away from the hustle and bustle of work life and go to an island. A highly populated island with loads of tourist. 

We both crave for the fantastic hawker food offered here. This time around, I could not eat my favourite Prawn Mee Noodles or better known as Hokkien Mee here. Reason ? I had my eyebrows embroidered on Thursday afternoon coz I was told that it looks horrible by my boss. The last time I had it done was 7 years ago and it has faded into a thin line and the colour has turned red. It looks good with my hair colour...hehe...

Most of the time spent here is for sleeping and lazing around to be honest. And we watched "Ted" at Gurney Plaza. After that was meant for a nice supper before heading home. But instead, I threw a bitch fit and got everyone's mood down just coz I don't want to eat KFC. I feel bad the following day (which is now) and I'm sorry to everyone who was involved on the receiving end of my bitch fit. Mr Hubs, Mr BT, Mr ED, Mr TH and another unknown male friend of theirs. As I did not even introduce myself, what a bitch I am indeed!

And so this afternoon close to evening, we woke up and had Char Kuey Teow again. After that, we head over to Straits Quay for a drink with my other boss who is currently residing in Penang. Took some photos with Ms TM's Fisheye 2 and I hope that the photos turn out okay coz I don't fucking know how to use it. My only guidance was youtube videos on how to. Both some Lomo and normal films yesterday just coz I have not found the time to purchase some back home. And it proves to be a taxing activity coz it's hard to find films here in Penang. Everyone has gone digital. We went along Penang Road and the 2shops don't sell films. Sigh. In the end, we found a camera shop inside of Gurney Plaza that sells film and so I bought some. I'm a happy camper.

Met up with my boss at Straits Quay for a drink. And finally met his son, he's such a cutie. Beautiful hair and eyes. But  I don't think he like me very much. Coz he was reluctant to hi 5 me and wave goodbye. My heart is truly broken.

Straits Quay, Penang - Dynamic Art Filter

Maricosa, Straits Quay Penang - Retro Art Filter

Maricosa, Straits Quay Penang - Film Grain Art Filter 

Straits Quay, Penang - Retro Art Filter 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Me & My Toy Camera

I'm in love. My object of desire is neither a man or a woman. It's name is Mini Diana and she's not the dead princess either. She's a blue and black beauty from my lovely friends for my birthday couple of months back. You may read about it here.

I'm sexy and I know it.

And so I started playing around with it. Being the cheapskate, I started out with a cheaper film option Kodak Ultramax Colour (ISO 400). Bought it from The Click Shop at SS2 for RM10. Got it processed and scanned for RM15 elsewhere. 

Here are some of the 1st roll of film that I personally like :

Me posing with Mini Diana's len cap at Mr SI's house in Puchong during the Raya Open House. Nice and sunny. The stripes on my top looks great with the background autogate.
Where we parked our car during the Raya Open House. Love longkang shots.

Took a trip to Malacca. Stadhuys is the perfect place to snap photo. Lovely colours.
First attempt of multiple exposure with yellow colour gel. Creepy yet cool. Taken in Malacca at a satay shop in Taman Melaka Raya.

My 1st roll of Black & White. Fujifilm Agros Neopan (ISO100) also bought from The Click Shop at SS2 for RM18. I love photos in B&W, it's so vintage. Here are some of my favourites :

Lighthouse Cafe, Bishop Street in Penang. Lomography shots of heritage building kicks ass.

Don't you miss the old school parking meters? Found one along the Logan Heritage Building, Penang.

My sister, the perfect model for Lomo shots. Cute, quirky and a tad crazy.

Light in B&W. Taken by my sister at, Jaya One PJ our go-to coffee joint.

Yawn.. is it bedtime already ? Me as a passenger in my brother's car.

Multi exposure. The wall at and my brother. 

Is this the way out ? Outside one of the elevators at Jaya One, PJ.

After trying out the cheap films which I still love and will definitely buy more rolls. I took my first step and bought some slide films Lomography style. It's more expensive but the colours are crazy ~ RM69 for 3 rolls of Xpro Chrome. Bought it from Photo Crafts at Sunway Pyramid Just got it process and collected this afternoon. Super sexcited y'all. 

My sis, Kungfu-ing at JPO.

My parents posing at JPO. It was bloody sunny, hence the eyes.

The rich colour of cross processing a slide film. The red is redder than blood. The white is oh-la-la.

A burst of colours. Shipyard at Legoland, Malaysia.

Me and my reds. Love the colour red and it's crazy with this film. Love, love, love it.

Towards later in the afternoon when the sun is not at its peak, the low sunlight still workds on the crazy colours of this Lego ship. I'm practically having an orgasm right this moment.

Duplo ride at Legoland. The perfect place to snap with a roll of slide film. The 3 basic colours brought to life; red, blue and yellow.

The last burst of sunlight before sunset at Legoland, Malaysia.

Multiple exposure along Orchard Road and my sister's face. I call it Sis crossover LV & Dior. It looks like she's wearing a hat. She loves this shot.

Before sunset at Universal Studio, Singapore.

So, here are some of the photos taken with the mini Diana and I love Lomography. Will snap more with different films to see the different effects. When I am more well verse with the camera, I will buy a vintage film camera to play with. There are some in mind but it's too expensive. I also want to check out fish eye and wide angle camera.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pregnancy ≠ Me

Lately a lot of concern folks have been asking me about my turn to get pregnant. I don't have the urge to be a mother anytime soon and my maternal instinct have not kicked in. So does that make me a bad mother ? Or a future bad mother ? I already have a grown up son at work and I'm still pretty happy with him. People have office husband / wife, I have an office son and I'm proud of him.

Concerns about being pregnant and eventually giving birth
- the possibility of my labia "koyak-ing" is pretty high and I don't want that
- the possibility of my cup size growing one/two cup size bigger after giving birth is a 50/50 bargain. It might shrink to a smaller cup size after birth (happened to a fellow small breasted friend of mine) and I'm not willing to gamble. It's small enough now. TQVM
- i can't eat a lot of food due to superstition and I enjoy eating so a big NO-NO
- i can't travel as and when I like
- i won't be able to sleep in if there's a child coz there's a thing call feeding time and nurturing. I don't have a single nurturing bone in my body.
- i don't want a mini me. Being me is bad enough.
- i can't even take care of myself, let alone another human being duh...
- i'm contented with my current lifestyle and i don't feel "empty" and have a need to have a child.

So, there you have it. My concerns and being married doesn't mean that you must have kids.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Great fun at JPO and Legoland, Johor

I was away for almost a week for a break. It was hard for me to get a stable and FREE wifi while I was away hence there was no update. Last Friday was the beginning of my annual leave and I went away to Johor with my parents, sister and husband. Dad drove all the way while the rest of us slept like pigs. (Useless kids) Mom played games on the tablet while accompanying dad.

First stop in Johor was JPO - Johor Premium Outlet. A place that sells branded items below retail price. It's similar to the one I went to in Osaka, Japan. Mr Hubs bought me a GAP fedora hat at RM40. A steal I guess coz I don't know the retail price. I did not find anything of my fancy because the discount offered was not much. I kinda like a bag from COACH - reversible men bag but after discount it's around RM500 plus and I don't think I'll be using much of it except during travel. So no-no.  My sister bought an ADIDAS cap for RM39.90 and it looks good on her and a LACOSTE top. Dad bought a shirt from GAP. Mr Hubs and mom did not buy anything.

 After spending half a day there, we left to go to my relative's place. Free accomodation y'all. Haha.. Dinner and stuff and some chit chat. We slept earlier than usual, close to midnight because we have somewhere to go the next day - LEGOLAND!!!

I was the last to wake up (as usual) and got ready. Had a quick breakfast at TEA GARDEN and this time around with my cousin and her son. Left for Legoland around 9-ish close to 10 and lined up to get in. It was a delight because I grew up playing Lego bricks. It's like watching my childhood toy come to life. We took the express train first coz there was no queue at all. It took us around the MINILAND. Where famous landmarks around the world is built with Lego but in miniature size.

 We went our separate ways to explore the rest of the theme park. Had a go at a few rides that is suitable for adults coz most of the rides are build for kids. One harmless looking ride is actualy pretty scary for us except for Mr Hubs and I hate those random cameras on these rides. I normally look like shit screaming my head off. Needless to say, we did not buy those photos.

Dad later joined us for another rollercoaster ride that looks scary but it's not so bad. My mom commented that he's almost 60 and it's his first attempt on a rollercoaster. He bought that photo and we don't look so bad in that. Haha.

It was a tiring day for us all coz we walked almost the whole day and our skin is tanned like crazy. It will take me months to go back to my original skin colour. The sun was crazy hot and there's lack of shady area to rest. We slept like babies that night and ready to continue our next stop to Singapore the following day minus my parents. They are driving back to PJ the following Monday.

Monday, October 1, 2012


I have not update my blog for more than a week now. Not because I don't want to, but I've been away with inconsistent wifi connection. Will be sharing some interesting shit when I get back with loads of photos. Muaks XOXO
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