Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Diana Mini Lomography Camera

My group of friends bought me a Lomography Camera ; Diana Mini to be exact. It is a cute little thing and light to hold. It's made of plastic after all. And I love it! Because I don't have to startup the thing, just load 35mm film and snap away. People who know me knows that I love to snap pictures but I'm damn slow. Hence, moments are usually lost when I'm ready to snap. Except for when I'm using my good friend's DSLR, that is cool but I can't afford to get one for myself yet.

Pretty busy and occupied now with old school film photography. I am very fascinated with the toy camera and am glad to be able to snap with films again. There's a lot of learn with loads of trial and errors. And this proved to be an expensive hobby.

Before I start, I watched numerous youtube Diana Mini tutorials on the dos and don'ts and general use. What I like about it is that it's not digital and you really have to learn to be patient and wait for the results from the photo lab when the roll is being developed.

Say hello to Buttercup!

Diana Mini in its package

Diana Mini with its booklet, Buttercup (you have to buy this separately), color gels and hot shoe should you need to use the flash on another camera.

My first roll of film is being developed by the photolab. Let's just hope that the photos turn out alright. I don't want overexposure. Fingers crossed!


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