Monday, September 10, 2012

Black Monday

Today's tragedy brought new meaning to Monday blues. My version though is Black Monday. 

I woke up groggy because of the weather (it looks like rain) and was excited to go to work (i know it's uncommon). But I am normally super hyper on Mondays and the rest of the week my energy slowly die away. 

Drove to work as usual and traffic from home wasn't so bad until KL. It was badly jammed up thanks to the traffic police chatting away by the side of the road and not take charge. When 3 lanes merged into 2, it normally slows down traffic and this is when assholes try to squeeze their way in despite the narrow way. 

Being a cautious and responsible driver, I put on the signal as a sign that I want to go right but have not because there was a line of motorcyclist on my right. So I waited for my turn and this MF* motorcyclist came quite near to my Mother Teresa (my car's name) and kicked real hard on the door. Why ? Because I have the potential to hit his bike (yes, his stupid bike and I was nowhere near this MF*). Gave him a WTF honk and he flick me the bird or is it flip the bird? It's gonna take hours to have this argument of which is the right expression. Rude MF* and a bloody road bully! Anyway, I noticed that he has sausage fingers and not his number plate. 

Finally parked my car and was walking to the building with my colleague, complaining about what happened earlier and something fell on my head. My first thought was, "OMFG don't fucking tell me it's bird shit!" but it's not. It's some random dry stuff, could be dried poop or leaves. I breathe a sigh of relief.

Got to work a minute late, I can never catch a break! And got started on work and some chitchat on the happenings of previous weekend. By noon, the air cond stopped working for a bit and it got warm. Or maybe it was just me feeling hot over the earlier drama. 

During lunch, my colleagues got their meal except for mine. My order came approximately 20 minutes before lunch hour is over. Had to wolf down the bloody mee hoon soup. Got back to work and things went back to normal or so I thought.

My normal drive home after work is about 1 hr 15 mins (on a good day). This evening it took me 2 hours!!! 2 fucking hours and do I deserve this punishment ??!!???? I'm gonna go sleep off the bad juju and hope for a better tomorrow.

*MF - MuthaFucker


  1. It will be a better day tomorrow bro and the long weekend is awaiting! :D
    Btw, love your new layout, very nice :)

  2. thanks bro :) today is definitely a better day already...


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