Sunday, September 9, 2012

Garage sale & VW

Slept late last night despite extreme tiredness. Had my usual Friday night coffee at my favorite coffee joint with friends and went home. I was excited to get home to start working on my food blog. After many years, it's time to attempt to change the layout of the blog. I recently bought my own domain for it and it will be a waste if I maintain the page as per the usual blogger's template without any widget to enhance it.

After straining my already tired eyes to read through the 'How to' on uploading and make minor changes to the template, I finally made it happen. Someone once said, "if you want something bad enough, don't just think but make it happen". It's my attempt of stepping up.

Had 5-6 hours of sleep and off we went to a Lomography "Garage Sale" and was deeply disappointed as with any "so-called" sales in this country. There was probably less than 10 types of item on sale and it's the expensive shit. Other stuff that I wanted to buy was on regular price. Duh! 

Off we went to KLCC for lunch and to the " Volkswagen Show 2012 : The Icon is back" with Mr Hubs. It was my first time and I was pretty impressed. With some cool driving skills to showcase the new Beetle and some dancing by performers.

By the time around 8-ish to 9, I was pretty tired. Thoughts of lying on the bed became much stronger. Invitation for drinks are all politely declined as sleep is imminent.


  1. the show looks like a blast. do they do this every year?
    Volkswagen Orange Park

  2. yes, this is an annual event by Volkswagen. and they do put in a lot of effort to showcase the cars with performances.


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