Monday, September 24, 2012

Finding a needle in a haystack

Trying to come out looking smart with an English saying for a post title. This is the sole purpose of this blog post. Nah! I'm just pulling your leg, I AM SMART! Ask anyone who knows me and they'll tell you the exact same thing. Hehe...

I always thought that locating something in a woman's handbag is like finding a needle in a haystack. Especially those who favours big handbags. I am one of those people. I don't understand how a woman can fit everything that she possibly need in a small bag aka clutch size.

Here are some examples of MUST have in a woman's handbag :
Wallet for paper money
Coin purse for those jiggly nonsense
Name card holder
Powerbank (for heavy smartphone user like myself)
Sunglasses (cool factor)
Notebook and pens (blue and black)
Umbrella for rainy days (the weather is super unpredictable these days)
Hand mirror (to check for food that's stuck between the teeth)
Tissue papers (to wipe mouth, hand and ass)
Digital, Lomography, Instant Camera (you don't want to miss those moments and I sometimes carry up to 3 cameras in my handbag, this is no laughing matter)

Alternative things that MIGHT be found in a woman's handbag :
Sachets of sugar (this is friend does carry sugar I swear)
Gums (for that fresh breath)
Mouthwash, toothbrush set (for after meal)
Hand sanitizer (to prevent germs infection)
Grooming kit 
Calculator (despite owning a smartphone, my friend still carries a calculator coz you don't know when you need to calculate big numbers...hehe)
Water Bottle (to prevent dehydration, Malaysia is a hot country)
Full make up kit (you just don't know when you need to attend an event and you wanna look fab)

The above is not the full list of items that a lady carries in their handbag. I did my research by interviewing at least 5 ladies (fyi).

So, the next time if you call your girlfriend and she did not pick up you call at the first attempt, she is not cheating on you. She just can't locate her phone >_< Who could? When there's a mini mart going on there.

I couldn't find a proper photo of handbags, so I thought that you might wanna say hi to my rabbit plush Mr Ding Ding Dong.


  1. Love the outlook GF...Here's what I carry
    1)Home Keys
    4)A small makeup bag (OMG,Alison's got a makeup bag)
    5)Additional emergency bag for handsani,notepad,pen,gum,facewipes n sanitary pad,gotta carry sanitary pad..They come whenever they please I tell ya..LOL


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