Sunday, September 16, 2012

Trust issue

I am afraid of old houses. Not because it looks old and haunted. It's how the houses was built. Especially the bathroom and toilet area. In the old days, the shower and toilet area are built separately. Perhaps it's a matter of convenience. One and shower and the other could do it's business separately and due to the vast space available. The modern houses is more of a 2-in-1 concept, where one can shit and shower in the same area.

I am currently in my in-laws place and it reminds me of a story I heard of long ago. My parents live in an old terrace house. Built way before I was born and have the separate bath and toilet thingy. And my old neighbours has mostly kicked the bucket long ago and therefore their house are rented out to students in the nearby university.

In the old days, the bathroom and toilet door is not built full frame like the ones today. I don't understand why. Is it because people in those days were so trusting that there's no need for a full frame door ? And the materials used to build houses were of sturdier materials compared to today. (I pluck this information from my ass, I'm by no mean a specialist on building materials). It's purely my own thought and hope that this does not offend any developer.

Back to the story of trust. I heard from my old neighbourhood grapevine (kepoh aunties) that something cynical happened. A girl took a shower after classes and it was in the afternoon or something and she felt as though someone was watching her. When she turned her head, one of the male housemate was on the other side (toilet area) and was peeking at her taking a bath. Sick adolescent! She screamed and screamed and this case was not reported. How many students actually fall victim to this? Nobody knows. These are students from out of state, away from family to further their education in a foreign place and this is what happened to them. I feel for them and after hearing this story, I will look around when I take a shower if I happen to be in an old house. Not that I do not trust the people around me and not that I have a body that people wanna look at. But the thought of it is scary. I have trust issues with old houses.

Probably I was brought up to be weary of things and people around me. Or I could just be mental. And the modern developer feels the same way hence the full frame door for toilets in modern houses

Next time you take a shower, look around.


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