Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mind your manners

Most people who takes flight just want to get from destination A to B and don't really care about the things in between that or the people involved in the process. Have you ever wondered that if you were that great, why not fly the plane yourself? And land it wherever you want to be and be done with it? So if you don't happen to own a plane, can't fly the plane and need people to serve you food 35000 ft above the air, mind your manners and be a good citizen/flyer/human being. You catch my drift~

I'm going point form hereon for easy reading.

  • if you want to bring a bag that is not approved by the airline r&r and it weights like a tonnes of bricks, please put your own bag onto the overhead compartment. don't expect the crew to do it. fyi, not our job :)
  • if you can't eat certain food like you're allergic to all the food in the world, please pre-book your special meal. crew are not mind readers and we certainly am not a magician. crew cannot i repeat cannot conjure food outta thin air. and do not scream at us for leaving you with no choice. you do have a choice. either eat it or don't.
  • if you can't hold your drink. refrain from ordering alcohol from the crew. i know it's free. doesn't mean you have to take it. and if you need to vomit, please do aim your vomitus into the toilet bowl and not the sink. sink is for washing your hands. i'm sure you don't vomit into the sink at home unless it's a special made sink for vomiting then by all means go ahead. have a blast!

Well, unless you have this sink at home, then by all means enjoy the vomit experience.

  • if you need to use the loo, please lock the door. i know that sharing is caring but too much sharing is not a good thing.
  • if you need to make a phone call, please don't have to shout until the whole cabin can hear you. i'm sure that you're a big time businessman. we simply dun give a F&*( and if the announcement have been made that all electronic devices to be switched off please comply. i'm sure you're not deaf.
  • if you demand for a newspaper and we don't have anymore left. it means that we really have none left. it is a complimentary reading material onboard. so if you happen to have a copy please don't bring it outta the aircraft with you coz it not yours. and don't get upset just coz you came in late and there's no newspaper left. if you're so desperate for it. here's RM2 take it and buy yourself a copy compliment from yours truly.
  • this is especially for cheapskate business class passenger. don't ask me for anymore teh tarik packets, the whole packet of peanuts and milo for you to bring down with the excuse your grandson, godmother, father, mother, neighbour, aunty and the whole village likes it. if you are cheapskate, just admit that you are one and i'll happily give it to you.
  • if you think that crew are cheap sluts, you are so wrong. just becoz we're in uniform and work up in the air, we're not airheads and easy. being sleazy doesn't pay. being nice and have good manners are added points.
  • don't tell the crew you're a doctor and expect and upgrade to business class and first class. if you have the money and need the comfort of the bigger seat PAY! we are not obligated to upgrade you and we can't so bye bye~
  • don't ask us to ask another passenger to shut up. we are not voice controller. if you have a problem with the loquacious passenger, just tell them off yourself. after all, you both paid for the flight tickets therefore you both have equal rights to tell each other off. however, if you make too much of a scene, the crew have no problem restraining you. so sit quietly and mind your own business.
  • if you have a baby travelling with you, and require a bassinet. make sure that your baby is placed inside the bassinet and properly strapped in as per the crew's instruction. i'm sure that you don't want your baby to be a "pan-baby" when turbulence hits the aircraft. a bloody mess is not a nice scene. if you cherish your child's life, you know what to do.
  • when a crew asks you what is your choice of meal, just answer what you want. nodding your head doesn't help. as i've said before, we are not mind readers.
  • when a meal is served, please have the decency to open up the table and don't fold your arms. i'm sure you are not a retard. even a retard will know what to do.
  • when the crew tells you what is served today please pay attention. don't look elsewhere and when the person next to you is served the meal only you turn around and ask again what is served. we are only human and at every sectors of flight we have to repeat & repeat the same god damn thing. we are also not your personal maid.
  • don't take your f&*(ing own sweet time to think of what you want to eat. the rest of the world are hungry too. they need food. unless you're in a hotel or restaurant you may take your time. and all aircraft food are the same. it's not healthy and it's not fresh. if you want fresh food, bring your own!
  • don't ask,"is this orange juice freshly squeezed?" coz i'll answer you this," yes, it is freshly squeezed from the box i got from the galley"
  • do not attempt conversation with crew while they are eating in the galley, coz you won't ever get a proper answer or attention. we need food. let us eat and we'll come and entertain until landing time.
  • do not make a mess of the toilet when you use it coz you were toilet trained as a child. i'm sure you don't mess up your toilet at home coz you have to clean it yourself.
  • do not keep pressing the call button if you don't really need anything. when someone else is really in an emergency situation, we might ignore it and that person might die and you are to be blamed for it. comprende?
  • do not ask stupid question like," is it free seating?" when you know that it's not and your seat number is clearly printed onto your boarding pass. i'm sure that you're not dumb. if you wish for free seating, please feel free to travel other airlines that have free seating. even the cinema have seat numbers, so don't try our patience.
  • do not compare us with other airlines. if you love the other airlines so much, please feel free to travel with them. if you choose to travel with XYZ airline, live with it!
That's all for now. When I can think of anymore nonsense I shall write about it.

Friday, July 30, 2010

The longest flight ever....

I recently went to New Delhi, India for work. It was an evening flight and most people will drag their ass to go for this flight coz it's a tiring flight. But not for me, coz I have a lot of things to buy. Mainly Himalaya products coz it's much cheaper there and the products are good.

When I got to the office, I signed in (reporting for work) my name in the system. And saw that I flew with one of the gal before and was happy. And one of the team leader. It's hard to find people who I've worked with before. So I was thankful. Entering into the briefing room is another scary factor coz 10 pairs of eyes will be looking at you. Speculating what type of person you are and whether you're okay to work with or not. Some are extremely friendly wherelse some think of you as a "disease".

This is also the time for the supervisors to check on you. From head to toe to see whether you comply with the company's grooming regulations or not. The checklist :-

  • is her baby hair sticking outta everywhere? is her hair neat enough? is her hairstyle approved by the grooming department? is her hair too short?
  • eyeshadow next. are there 3 colors? is it warm or cold colors? is she mixing the colors up? is it properly blended?
  • did she trim her eyebrows? is it bushy like a squirrel's tail? is it too thin? i forgot the name of the makeup style made popular by arabs woman where the eyebrows are too thin and scary looking. did she color in her eyebrows?
  • did she line her eyes ? is it proper? did she apply mascara?
  • is her foundation too thick or non-existent?
  • is her blusher too light? or does she look like a chinese opera? oh wait..chinese opera makeup is always welcome...WTF?
  • is her lipsticks too light ? she looks like she's ill or is she?
  • is she wearing a company's approved watch? is there too much bling bling? dat's a big no-no!
  • is she wearing more than 2 rings on 1 hand? does she think that she's a rockstar or something?
  • is her uniform properly pressed? is the color too faded?
  • did she paint her nails or buff it to shine? hey! dat color is definitely not approved by the grooming department. what is she doing with dat color. another death sentence!
  • is her shoe polished? until i can use it as a mirror and apply lipstick on it.
after that, there's the safety questions thrown at us. which is another scary thing to happen during briefing. and the supervisor will inform us on the passenger load for that day/night. and then followed by our working position.

i was given a cabin position that day and hated it coz the passengers are too demanding. i just like to shop in their country not serve the people on the way there. i was right as usual. once they are in the aircraft, we are at their mercy not the other way round.

water water water! that is something that will never stop. do i look like a water tank to you? this is one question that i have no answer to. they must have water. and ear plugs pls~ makes no difference if you out it on or not. if ur having the flu, yours ears will be blocked. then don't travel when you're sick!

anyways, i have this one particular gentleman passenger that irritates the hell outta me. he said this to me, " i want scotch with coke and ice. and keep it coming every 15 mins"
if i could i would like to reply him this, " do i look like your personal maid? if you love the drink so much, why din you buy the whole f&*&ing bottle of scotch and bring your own coke and pour it for yourself"

the flight was full and I don't just serve him alone. and i'm very sure that this guy doesn't have a maid at home. and if he do, i pity whoever she is. so i told him off in a polite manner. "sir, i've given you 2 cups of the drink. after you've finished i'll bring more for you. and as you can see the flight is full and the rest of the passengers need their drink too. so be patient and i'll come back to you shortly"

when i was serving the meal, he asked me for more of the drinks again. and i said to him firmly this time, " i need to serve the meals now. unless you don't want to eat. i'll get you the drinks!"
he shut up for a while and ate his meals. i gave him a "I F&*(ing hate you face" coz i can't stand it anymore. he tried to make amends and said this stupidly," hmmm, your food is so nice"

since when is aircraft food ever nice? he wanted to get back on my good side so that i can't continue being his maid onboard. i just ignore him and throughout the flight he kept grinning at me like an idiot.


later on, i was cleaning the toilets. yes! i am also a toilet cleaner. coz these people dunno how to use the toilets onboard and i sometimes wonder whether they do the same at home? after cleaning all the toilets (we take turn) and walked back to the galley (kitchen), my supervisor started screaming at us!

"i'm sick of this! how can you guys to this? you're supposed to be vigilant! how can you allow economy passengers into the business class cabin and disturb one of my passenger?"

*the said passenger is a cricket player. i suppose he is well known or else these people would not have went through all the trouble!

and she screamed at us while a few of the passengers are standing there. i think that's very unprofessional. and she did not check with us what we were doing at the time when the "incident" happened.

i wanted to tell her off. but i can't or i'll have to suffer the consequences so i kept my mouth shut and didn't look her way. ignorance is bliss! at that time, my zone leader was counting stocks on his sales cart. and he have to concentrate (of coz!) coz he's answerable for shortage of stocks and money. my colleague was preparing drinks for the monsters in the cabin and i was cleaning the toilets!! and guess who is the one who has the most free time? yes, you got dat right! the one screaming at us~


another incident was that the call button come non stop for these type of routes. and an experienced will know that. normally, the supervisors are very understanding about not answering the call buttons as per company's standard. however, our "queen" was different. she asked me to answer it as soon as it comes on and this is no easy feat as it's like a song. it is continuous. if i was a robot, then i don't think i have a problem answering the call buttons immediately but since i'm only human i can only do it as fast as my legs can carry me.

once again, since you are so free why don't you help us out a little? after all, you are our leader~
there's nothing wrong with doing your part.

actually blogging about this flight pisses me off. so i'm gonna end it here. the rest of the story i'll tell you in person if i know you. goodnite~

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Accident Prone

I've had an injury week this whole week. First, it was the left ankle. I was told that I've pulled my Achilles tendon. It happened in my sleep. Whoever would've thought that this is possible to happen? I am puzzled!

And then yesterday I started experiencing pain on my right index finger. The veins below the cuticle is swollen and blueblack. There are a few suspects on the line; too much clicking while playing FB games, strained the finger while coloring my Hanjie puzzles or knocked on something without realising it.

After wrapping it with herbs and leaving it on for more than half a day the pain is still there. Is there no end to my injury? I need a break here. Thank you very much

Saturday, July 24, 2010


I met up with my high school friend Ms JL the other day and we started talking about life and its turning points. She said that when a person comes to a certain age, things start to change for better or worse. It depends on your luck and stuff. Hers started 2 years earlier than expected. And it was a good lesson to be learnt. I think that she's a really strong person.

For me, my turning point will be this year, aged 30. Why do I say this? I might be unemployed by December this year as my 5 years contract with the company is coming to an end. Even with positive thinking, I don't think my contract will be renewed. It is due to many factors namely my age and my medical records. I do not blame them, it's part and parcel of life. And who I am. I am sick all the time. Money can't buy health.

Besides that, I am still clueless as to what I want to do with my life. Should I have my wedding ceremony? Should I change job? Should I get pregnant? Should I apply for another cabin crew job? I don't fucking know. I wish I do then it will make things clearer. I have always been someone who's clear on what I want to do or what I don't want to do. I don't like bullshit and wasting time.

And now I understand the meaning of crossroads. Indecisiveness and unsure of what the next step is. Too many pros and cons to be considered. Sooner rather than later, a choice have to be made. For now, I choose to relax and go with the flow. Too much stressing will only caused wrinkles. And wrinkles are something that are difficult to get rid of.

I choose to live in the moment and be happy. Who cares? Til I am truly desperate~

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yokoso Japan!

Eventhough I've been flying for almost 5 years, I've never been to Japan. However, when I was rostered for Osaka this month I was on top of the world. There are plenty of possibilities in Japan! I can shop for Rila! So far there are only 3 Rilakkuma Store in Japan (Osaka, Fukuoka & Tokyo) and none in Malaysia.

Anyway, the flight there was 6 and a half hours. I worked in the cabin and most of our passengers were students from Malaysia going there for a student exchange program. Each of them paid RM5k for the program (rich kids from private school). Thank god they behave themselves. But most of them carry a DSLR camera and IPhones.

While I was serving beer, one of the boys dare to ask me for a can. Obviously I din give it to him. I could lose my job (not really but just wanna be a bit dramatic!) I asked him, "How old are you?" (eventhough i know he's below 17). He did not answer me and just replied, "Nevermind lar it's okay." (what do ya mean by nevermind? slap ur head silly!)

Children nowadays really don't know how to appreciate what parents do for them. They work hard for the money to send them to good school. And this is what you do to repay them? Start drinking at 16? WTF?!?

We touchdown at Kansai International Airport at 7 plus morning (Malaysian time 6plus..1 hour behind). There was nothing special about the airport but it's clean and orderly. The airport was quite deserted as well.

I like the immigration department because they have finger print scan as well as checking of passport. They even supplied a bottle of disinfectant for hygience purposes. After that, we walked to the bus which will then take us to our hotel.

We stayed at Ana Gate Tower Hotel which is about 5-10 mins away from the airport. The hotel consists of 54 floors and attached to Rinku Station. (convenient) I was expecting the room to be small but it was quite okay for me. Coz I brought along a mother of all check-in bag solely for shopping. And it fit into the room quite okay. I dun have to close the bag to make space for walking.

The toilet seat intrigued me the most as it comes with a few buttons (bidet). They even warm the ass for enjoyment...haha...I love Japan!

Enough of toilet talk.

I took a shower to freshen up myself and off I go to town. Cannot waste any time for shopping! I found a kaki to shop with me. And she's my supervisor.

The train to Osaka Umeda area come every 34 mins. And the journey takes about 62mins one way. It costs us JPY970 (approx. RM35.25). We slept all the way to town coz we worked the whole night.

Once we've arrived, we almost screamed but internally coz it's not proper. People might think that we're crazy or something. The shopping area is underground with a few shopping malls attached to it. Namely Hanshin Shopping Mall, Hankyu Shopping Mall, Dai Maru and etc.

First stop was makan. Coz we din eat much onboard. We got into a quaint little cafe. We sat our ass down and looked at the menu. It was all in Japanese. F&^*! The lady looked at us. She was like, "Oh!" And beckon us to the display window. We felt embarassed but were too hungry to care. We looked around and she came out to take our order.

I managed to order a Sukiyaki (thanks to Mr Husband's love for Jap food) and my supervisor (Ms J) ordered a ramen thingy with ebi tempura. One thing I noticed about the Japanese besides the loud slurping while eating noodles is that they eat fast. The patrons who came in later than us has already finished their meals and left. While we're still taking our own sweet time eating. There was also a sign that says "No Smoking" between 10:30 til 14:00. I wonder why? Is it because that is lunch time and it is not nice for the businessmen to smell of ciggy for the sake of their customers? I have no one to ask this question. It will forever be in my mind.

The main purpose of me going to town is to visit the Rilakkuma Store. Ms J & I walked to KiddyLand. (a big ass shop that sells all kinds of toys namely Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, Snoopy and etc) Rilakkuma Store is located 1 floor up.

The cashier area

The entrance

Me with Rila


I screamed in delight! Luckily no one was around. My supervisor thinks I'm crazy. But I spent almost an hour there. Bought a lot of stuff there. But I wished that the shop was bigger and stock more items that I saw online.

I was a bit upset as well coz I was a day early for the 7th Year anniversary. I saw the setup outside of the shop for the next day's event. The next one I want to visit will be in Tokyo. Start saving money!

The total damage in that hour (approx. JPY 18,000) I can't help myself coz I really really love Rilakkuma.

I will visit the store again once I've reloaded my bullet~

Monday, July 19, 2010

Rude awakening

My previous post was about loving thy neighbour. But I can't say the same for the people living above our unit. You see, I'm not racist. I love everyone for who they are except for some instances that they can't change and I can't take it. So I choose not to know that person or stop talking to them period!

I slept late last night or should I say most nights as I am a night person. And I enjoy sleeping in if I'm not working. Who doesn't right? And I expect to at least see Edward Cullen in one of my dreams but then again it's wishful thinking.

As I was still in dreamland, I was startled. There was screaming, shouting & banging of doors at the unit above. It was indeed a rude awakening!

The family lived above us are indians. What I don't understand is that why do they have to do that almost everyday? I'm sure it's not part of their culture. Normally when I have to work in the morning say 5am. They have already started shouting at the top of their lungs at each other.
The kids will be crying and I assume it's their parents shouting at each other.

I pity the kids! Why do they have to grow up in this kind of environment? I thought parents are supposed to show a good example to their kids? Or at least pretend to have a healthy and loving relationship in front of them.

Today's case is extra ordinary because the screaming match started around 11am. Til god knows what time. What I heard was the dad shouting, wife screaming, kids crying and a lot of doors banging. More doors banging than usual. So I assume that the case is more serious.

There was a lot of throwing things around and running around. I was afraid that the wife will jump down from the balcony and got stuck on ours. And there won't be any death coz they live on the 7th floor. The worst case would be broken bones and I suppose that would lead to more arguements.

I was tempted to call the police on them as they are creating too much noise pollution. I understand that it's normal to have heated arguments but do they have to share it with the rest of the world?

I believe that they can do anything they want if they lived in a bungalow with acres of land of their own where nobody have to hear what they are arguing about. They should be more understanding for the sake of other people's sanity.

What about those people who work at home? They need some peace and quiet too. So next time before you start shouting at whoever that you're mad at, think of your neighbours too. They don't need to hear that.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Love Thy Neighbour

It is so sad that people nowadays do not know their neighbours. One of those people is me. During my grandma and parent's days they know every single occupant living in their neighbourhood. I guess that in those days there were less baddies and people are more trusting. Wherelse people now are more selfish, workaholic and rather concentrate on whatever latest gadget they own rather than talk to people.

It doesn't help that most people now lives in apartments and condos. Once the grill gate is closed, so does all kinds of communications. In some cases, even housemates do not talk to each other. Why does this happen? What's the cause of it?

My reasons :-

  • they are always not around
  • communication problem coz they are foreigners
  • too lazy to talk coz i have to talk a lot at work
  • rather stare at the wall at home than loiter in the hallway and offer homemade muffins to my neighbours
  • prevent people from knowing too much about my personal life
The reasons for my parent's not knowing their neighbours so well now:

  • most of them went to heaven coz of old age
  • bought over by new owners that are not around only students who are renting
  • neighbours suffering from mid life crisis & hormonal imbalance therefore they bark more than talk
  • no longer fit to talk
Eventhough I tried to be nice and smile to my neighbours I guess they have the same idea as me. They rather stare at the wall than talk to other people. That sums up my thoughts on neighbours. Will you start to love thy neighbour or loathe them?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Eclipse of my heart

After a long hectic week at work, it is nice to wind down with a movie. I've been suffering a whole week long coz I'm not a morning person. But I have to wake up at the break of dawn. It is worst than any nightmare you would've imagined.

The movie choice was Eclipse. You don't need any introduction coz of the high profile actors and actresses. Despite a change of director, I am still pretty dissappointed with the movie. It do no justice to the book. But it is definitely better than the first 2 adaptations.

However, Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen (the swoon factor) do make up for the rest of the movie eventhough I can't say the same for his acting skill. He is just hot existing as a human being.

Kristen Stewart aka Bella Swan (the ABS - After Bong Syndrome) is pretty much the same with her expressionless acting. Thank God she did not repeat her screaming in pain for no reason nightmarish scene in New Moon.

And I think that Taylor Lautner aka Jacob Black (the Himbo) should be replaced by any other actor but him. Coz he's only in the movie for his 6 pack. His voice is squeaky and he can't act.

Besides, Mr Swoon Factor, my favorite actress is Dakota Fanning as the evil Jane. She is the only one who can act. And she don't even need to try. She is that good!

The director cut out a lot of scenes and the love scenes are unnecessarily long and there was too many close up scenes.

I hope to see more improvements in the next instalment "Breaking Dawn" coz it's meant to be more action packed. And I don't want to see screaming in pain again yet looks like a seizure when she's giving birth. Please go for more acting lessons ya?

We pay money for more quality movie and I'm a Twilight saga fan. Don't treat us like dumbass ok?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nightmare holiday Day 2

We took the Causeway Link from JB to Singapore. It costs us only RM5 (1 way). The only setback is have to rush through the immigration department in Malaysia and Singapore. Once we get down from the bus, run marathon to clear immigration and board the bus again. I blame this to lack of stamina coz never exercise.

The interior of the Causeway Link bus from JB to Singapore.

We missed the first bus and decided to wait for the second bus within 30 mins so pose for a while. Bro M was too shy to pole dance and capture it on film.


We arrived in Singapore at Jurong East station. Took MRT to Aljunied St (Geyland area) coz we're staying there. It's cheap, convenient and plenty of places to makan. The destination is Hotel 81 Lucky, I know it sounds cheesy but the place is quite nice.

Da bed

Da Entertainment Box

The doorway.

We shopped at Orchard area coz Singapore was having their annual sales. But alas, it was not a good day coz it rained the whole day. We had to buy umbrella and it just dampen our mood.

Me and Cousin S dancing in the rain with our newly bought leopard print umbrella from CottonOn (priced SGD12.95 each)

The worst nightmare for a holidaymaker is rain, rain and more rain.
Sigh... all shopped out and I made this trip to buy Rilakkuma stuff but I did not managed to get the stuff I wanted.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nightmare holiday

i've been looking forward to having a hols for sometime. the last one i took was during the chinese new year. to me dat's like centuries ago. i've been feeling shitty and tired the past 6 months. therefore the hols was set from 1st july til 4th july. destination : JB & Singapore.

a day before i was diligently cleaning the house, doing the laundry and clean mr indy's cage. coz i have to send him to dad's for caretaking while we're gone for the next few days. basically, prepare everything before a nice relaxing days ahead. alas! my joy started too early and i plunged to the deepest end of the abyss. (can anyone go deeper than dat? i guess the next step is death!)

Mr Indy was bleeding from his right ear. as he has snowy white fur, the color contrast was too much to bear. i panicked for a minute! who wouldn't ? maybe a vet won't. anyhow, i'm not a vet. then i sent Indy to the nearest vet. he was attended to immediately.

Dr Chan was the doctor that cleansed his wound and administer his meds. i had no choice but leave Indy there for the next few days. there's no one home to take care of him and apply his meds. i left with a heavy heart coz i was told dat indy has a few growth.. some big, some small but the biggest one is located around his chest area. Dr Chan told me that it's cancer. i wanted to cry out loud but public hysterical is frown upon.

so that pretty much sums up my preholiday. i din feel like going for the hols then. but i had no choice coz the hotel is already booked!

day 1
left the house around 7 plus and head towards parent's place but as usual it took us forever to reach coz of the jam. we forgot that the rest of the world needs to work. hehe...picked up the rest of the holiday gang and went for breakfast.

after breakfast, we went searching for a working atm to topup the touch n go card. after 3 attempts, we managed to reload. welcome to malaysia~ the journey finally starts at 10am...we reached JB at 1pm. thanks to my bro's fast & furious driving. mr husband was the navigator with the help of dad's instruction written on a piece of paper.

i slept 3 quarter of the way coz i din manage to get much sleep the night before. worrying about everything and especially bout indy. it has been a while since i visit my aunt's place in JB. to be exact, i think it was more than 10 years ago when they first moved in.

we had lunch at Cafe Tea Garden in Jusco nearby. the food's excellent & cheap. woohoo~

A few pics of the food they serve. super yummy~

teatime at toast n toast. quaint place but the food is only so so. the most attractive part of the place is this piece of wall.

dinner was fantastic. seafood dinner. very fresh and yummy.

after dinner, we went for a session of karaoke. it's cheap. only RM70 for 3 hours. there was 6 of us there. which we were singing, S got a call from her mom. she was told that one of our uncle just passed away. it was very sudden coz we've never heard of any illness from him. he was my mom's youngest sis's husband. he had a heart attack. din make it to the hospital. my aunt was devastated. we were stunned!

more to come...
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