Saturday, July 17, 2010

Love Thy Neighbour

It is so sad that people nowadays do not know their neighbours. One of those people is me. During my grandma and parent's days they know every single occupant living in their neighbourhood. I guess that in those days there were less baddies and people are more trusting. Wherelse people now are more selfish, workaholic and rather concentrate on whatever latest gadget they own rather than talk to people.

It doesn't help that most people now lives in apartments and condos. Once the grill gate is closed, so does all kinds of communications. In some cases, even housemates do not talk to each other. Why does this happen? What's the cause of it?

My reasons :-

  • they are always not around
  • communication problem coz they are foreigners
  • too lazy to talk coz i have to talk a lot at work
  • rather stare at the wall at home than loiter in the hallway and offer homemade muffins to my neighbours
  • prevent people from knowing too much about my personal life
The reasons for my parent's not knowing their neighbours so well now:

  • most of them went to heaven coz of old age
  • bought over by new owners that are not around only students who are renting
  • neighbours suffering from mid life crisis & hormonal imbalance therefore they bark more than talk
  • no longer fit to talk
Eventhough I tried to be nice and smile to my neighbours I guess they have the same idea as me. They rather stare at the wall than talk to other people. That sums up my thoughts on neighbours. Will you start to love thy neighbour or loathe them?


  1. Neighbours neighbours. It really does depend on the area you are living in.
    When I moved into a new housing area, the neighbours were very friendly, and we knew everybody on our street, and actually, the whole "taman" got together, for gotong royong, RT, open houses during Raya, CNY etc. They created websites, mail distribution groups, created a committee, and organized events. I passed my neighbour the gate key, and likewise, we used to feed each others' dogs when either of us was away. I watered his plants, he killed mine :-). There are of course some people who choose to remain apart, but that is their choice.
    In older housing areas, its also different. Take mom's neighbours for example. One house is rented by several people in their 20s, friendly enough, but pretty noisy at times. The other side, is an older couple, who have been there for more than 25 years, they took care of me when I was younger, and we still interact. She is the CNN of our road, so its nice talking to her. Had one neighbour down the road who backed his car into my friend's car, and pretended that nothing happened, even flatly denied it. And another neighbour in front, when moving my mom's car one morning, i parked it momentarily in front of his gate, while I moved my car, and he came out, staring at me, and wanting to stomp his foot into mom's car. I didnt bother yelling at that stupid antisocial european guy. His wife apologized though. :-). I better stop now, yes, i am bored, but dun wanna kena complain that I write too much. :-P.

  2. i think you should start blogging. you have the talent for ranting.haha

  3. :-P. talking cock u mean? no la, i just tumpang ur comments section. too busy farming... farmTOWN...! where is your comparison ah?


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