Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nightmare holiday Day 2

We took the Causeway Link from JB to Singapore. It costs us only RM5 (1 way). The only setback is have to rush through the immigration department in Malaysia and Singapore. Once we get down from the bus, run marathon to clear immigration and board the bus again. I blame this to lack of stamina coz never exercise.

The interior of the Causeway Link bus from JB to Singapore.

We missed the first bus and decided to wait for the second bus within 30 mins so pose for a while. Bro M was too shy to pole dance and capture it on film.


We arrived in Singapore at Jurong East station. Took MRT to Aljunied St (Geyland area) coz we're staying there. It's cheap, convenient and plenty of places to makan. The destination is Hotel 81 Lucky, I know it sounds cheesy but the place is quite nice.

Da bed

Da Entertainment Box

The doorway.

We shopped at Orchard area coz Singapore was having their annual sales. But alas, it was not a good day coz it rained the whole day. We had to buy umbrella and it just dampen our mood.

Me and Cousin S dancing in the rain with our newly bought leopard print umbrella from CottonOn (priced SGD12.95 each)

The worst nightmare for a holidaymaker is rain, rain and more rain.
Sigh... all shopped out and I made this trip to buy Rilakkuma stuff but I did not managed to get the stuff I wanted.


  1. dampened mood, but still dancing... aduh...
    by the way, is it just my screen? I see the photos, and then a big space before the comments on the actual photos.

  2. yes there's a big gap dunno y


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