Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Eclipse of my heart

After a long hectic week at work, it is nice to wind down with a movie. I've been suffering a whole week long coz I'm not a morning person. But I have to wake up at the break of dawn. It is worst than any nightmare you would've imagined.

The movie choice was Eclipse. You don't need any introduction coz of the high profile actors and actresses. Despite a change of director, I am still pretty dissappointed with the movie. It do no justice to the book. But it is definitely better than the first 2 adaptations.

However, Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen (the swoon factor) do make up for the rest of the movie eventhough I can't say the same for his acting skill. He is just hot existing as a human being.

Kristen Stewart aka Bella Swan (the ABS - After Bong Syndrome) is pretty much the same with her expressionless acting. Thank God she did not repeat her screaming in pain for no reason nightmarish scene in New Moon.

And I think that Taylor Lautner aka Jacob Black (the Himbo) should be replaced by any other actor but him. Coz he's only in the movie for his 6 pack. His voice is squeaky and he can't act.

Besides, Mr Swoon Factor, my favorite actress is Dakota Fanning as the evil Jane. She is the only one who can act. And she don't even need to try. She is that good!

The director cut out a lot of scenes and the love scenes are unnecessarily long and there was too many close up scenes.

I hope to see more improvements in the next instalment "Breaking Dawn" coz it's meant to be more action packed. And I don't want to see screaming in pain again yet looks like a seizure when she's giving birth. Please go for more acting lessons ya?

We pay money for more quality movie and I'm a Twilight saga fan. Don't treat us like dumbass ok?


  1. Actually watched the first movie the other day, in a hotel room. managed to keep the telly on even knowing it was a vampire story. Those stories normally warrant a quick change of channels.


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