Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nightmare holiday

i've been looking forward to having a hols for sometime. the last one i took was during the chinese new year. to me dat's like centuries ago. i've been feeling shitty and tired the past 6 months. therefore the hols was set from 1st july til 4th july. destination : JB & Singapore.

a day before i was diligently cleaning the house, doing the laundry and clean mr indy's cage. coz i have to send him to dad's for caretaking while we're gone for the next few days. basically, prepare everything before a nice relaxing days ahead. alas! my joy started too early and i plunged to the deepest end of the abyss. (can anyone go deeper than dat? i guess the next step is death!)

Mr Indy was bleeding from his right ear. as he has snowy white fur, the color contrast was too much to bear. i panicked for a minute! who wouldn't ? maybe a vet won't. anyhow, i'm not a vet. then i sent Indy to the nearest vet. he was attended to immediately.

Dr Chan was the doctor that cleansed his wound and administer his meds. i had no choice but leave Indy there for the next few days. there's no one home to take care of him and apply his meds. i left with a heavy heart coz i was told dat indy has a few growth.. some big, some small but the biggest one is located around his chest area. Dr Chan told me that it's cancer. i wanted to cry out loud but public hysterical is frown upon.

so that pretty much sums up my preholiday. i din feel like going for the hols then. but i had no choice coz the hotel is already booked!

day 1
left the house around 7 plus and head towards parent's place but as usual it took us forever to reach coz of the jam. we forgot that the rest of the world needs to work. hehe...picked up the rest of the holiday gang and went for breakfast.

after breakfast, we went searching for a working atm to topup the touch n go card. after 3 attempts, we managed to reload. welcome to malaysia~ the journey finally starts at 10am...we reached JB at 1pm. thanks to my bro's fast & furious driving. mr husband was the navigator with the help of dad's instruction written on a piece of paper.

i slept 3 quarter of the way coz i din manage to get much sleep the night before. worrying about everything and especially bout indy. it has been a while since i visit my aunt's place in JB. to be exact, i think it was more than 10 years ago when they first moved in.

we had lunch at Cafe Tea Garden in Jusco nearby. the food's excellent & cheap. woohoo~

A few pics of the food they serve. super yummy~

teatime at toast n toast. quaint place but the food is only so so. the most attractive part of the place is this piece of wall.

dinner was fantastic. seafood dinner. very fresh and yummy.

after dinner, we went for a session of karaoke. it's cheap. only RM70 for 3 hours. there was 6 of us there. which we were singing, S got a call from her mom. she was told that one of our uncle just passed away. it was very sudden coz we've never heard of any illness from him. he was my mom's youngest sis's husband. he had a heart attack. din make it to the hospital. my aunt was devastated. we were stunned!

more to come...


  1. I got the same thing with my 15 year ole doggie... a tumor on her head.... another one to leave me one day, but it is a part of life. They come, bring us so much joy, and then they go.........
    Condolences on the loss of a relative.
    and nice to see more photos in your blog.

  2. thx.. but i noticed dat when i post more photos i tend to write less...

  3. whats that quote..... about a picture and a thousand words...?


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