Friday, July 30, 2010

The longest flight ever....

I recently went to New Delhi, India for work. It was an evening flight and most people will drag their ass to go for this flight coz it's a tiring flight. But not for me, coz I have a lot of things to buy. Mainly Himalaya products coz it's much cheaper there and the products are good.

When I got to the office, I signed in (reporting for work) my name in the system. And saw that I flew with one of the gal before and was happy. And one of the team leader. It's hard to find people who I've worked with before. So I was thankful. Entering into the briefing room is another scary factor coz 10 pairs of eyes will be looking at you. Speculating what type of person you are and whether you're okay to work with or not. Some are extremely friendly wherelse some think of you as a "disease".

This is also the time for the supervisors to check on you. From head to toe to see whether you comply with the company's grooming regulations or not. The checklist :-

  • is her baby hair sticking outta everywhere? is her hair neat enough? is her hairstyle approved by the grooming department? is her hair too short?
  • eyeshadow next. are there 3 colors? is it warm or cold colors? is she mixing the colors up? is it properly blended?
  • did she trim her eyebrows? is it bushy like a squirrel's tail? is it too thin? i forgot the name of the makeup style made popular by arabs woman where the eyebrows are too thin and scary looking. did she color in her eyebrows?
  • did she line her eyes ? is it proper? did she apply mascara?
  • is her foundation too thick or non-existent?
  • is her blusher too light? or does she look like a chinese opera? oh wait..chinese opera makeup is always welcome...WTF?
  • is her lipsticks too light ? she looks like she's ill or is she?
  • is she wearing a company's approved watch? is there too much bling bling? dat's a big no-no!
  • is she wearing more than 2 rings on 1 hand? does she think that she's a rockstar or something?
  • is her uniform properly pressed? is the color too faded?
  • did she paint her nails or buff it to shine? hey! dat color is definitely not approved by the grooming department. what is she doing with dat color. another death sentence!
  • is her shoe polished? until i can use it as a mirror and apply lipstick on it.
after that, there's the safety questions thrown at us. which is another scary thing to happen during briefing. and the supervisor will inform us on the passenger load for that day/night. and then followed by our working position.

i was given a cabin position that day and hated it coz the passengers are too demanding. i just like to shop in their country not serve the people on the way there. i was right as usual. once they are in the aircraft, we are at their mercy not the other way round.

water water water! that is something that will never stop. do i look like a water tank to you? this is one question that i have no answer to. they must have water. and ear plugs pls~ makes no difference if you out it on or not. if ur having the flu, yours ears will be blocked. then don't travel when you're sick!

anyways, i have this one particular gentleman passenger that irritates the hell outta me. he said this to me, " i want scotch with coke and ice. and keep it coming every 15 mins"
if i could i would like to reply him this, " do i look like your personal maid? if you love the drink so much, why din you buy the whole f&*&ing bottle of scotch and bring your own coke and pour it for yourself"

the flight was full and I don't just serve him alone. and i'm very sure that this guy doesn't have a maid at home. and if he do, i pity whoever she is. so i told him off in a polite manner. "sir, i've given you 2 cups of the drink. after you've finished i'll bring more for you. and as you can see the flight is full and the rest of the passengers need their drink too. so be patient and i'll come back to you shortly"

when i was serving the meal, he asked me for more of the drinks again. and i said to him firmly this time, " i need to serve the meals now. unless you don't want to eat. i'll get you the drinks!"
he shut up for a while and ate his meals. i gave him a "I F&*(ing hate you face" coz i can't stand it anymore. he tried to make amends and said this stupidly," hmmm, your food is so nice"

since when is aircraft food ever nice? he wanted to get back on my good side so that i can't continue being his maid onboard. i just ignore him and throughout the flight he kept grinning at me like an idiot.


later on, i was cleaning the toilets. yes! i am also a toilet cleaner. coz these people dunno how to use the toilets onboard and i sometimes wonder whether they do the same at home? after cleaning all the toilets (we take turn) and walked back to the galley (kitchen), my supervisor started screaming at us!

"i'm sick of this! how can you guys to this? you're supposed to be vigilant! how can you allow economy passengers into the business class cabin and disturb one of my passenger?"

*the said passenger is a cricket player. i suppose he is well known or else these people would not have went through all the trouble!

and she screamed at us while a few of the passengers are standing there. i think that's very unprofessional. and she did not check with us what we were doing at the time when the "incident" happened.

i wanted to tell her off. but i can't or i'll have to suffer the consequences so i kept my mouth shut and didn't look her way. ignorance is bliss! at that time, my zone leader was counting stocks on his sales cart. and he have to concentrate (of coz!) coz he's answerable for shortage of stocks and money. my colleague was preparing drinks for the monsters in the cabin and i was cleaning the toilets!! and guess who is the one who has the most free time? yes, you got dat right! the one screaming at us~


another incident was that the call button come non stop for these type of routes. and an experienced will know that. normally, the supervisors are very understanding about not answering the call buttons as per company's standard. however, our "queen" was different. she asked me to answer it as soon as it comes on and this is no easy feat as it's like a song. it is continuous. if i was a robot, then i don't think i have a problem answering the call buttons immediately but since i'm only human i can only do it as fast as my legs can carry me.

once again, since you are so free why don't you help us out a little? after all, you are our leader~
there's nothing wrong with doing your part.

actually blogging about this flight pisses me off. so i'm gonna end it here. the rest of the story i'll tell you in person if i know you. goodnite~


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