Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yokoso Japan!

Eventhough I've been flying for almost 5 years, I've never been to Japan. However, when I was rostered for Osaka this month I was on top of the world. There are plenty of possibilities in Japan! I can shop for Rila! So far there are only 3 Rilakkuma Store in Japan (Osaka, Fukuoka & Tokyo) and none in Malaysia.

Anyway, the flight there was 6 and a half hours. I worked in the cabin and most of our passengers were students from Malaysia going there for a student exchange program. Each of them paid RM5k for the program (rich kids from private school). Thank god they behave themselves. But most of them carry a DSLR camera and IPhones.

While I was serving beer, one of the boys dare to ask me for a can. Obviously I din give it to him. I could lose my job (not really but just wanna be a bit dramatic!) I asked him, "How old are you?" (eventhough i know he's below 17). He did not answer me and just replied, "Nevermind lar it's okay." (what do ya mean by nevermind? slap ur head silly!)

Children nowadays really don't know how to appreciate what parents do for them. They work hard for the money to send them to good school. And this is what you do to repay them? Start drinking at 16? WTF?!?

We touchdown at Kansai International Airport at 7 plus morning (Malaysian time 6plus..1 hour behind). There was nothing special about the airport but it's clean and orderly. The airport was quite deserted as well.

I like the immigration department because they have finger print scan as well as checking of passport. They even supplied a bottle of disinfectant for hygience purposes. After that, we walked to the bus which will then take us to our hotel.

We stayed at Ana Gate Tower Hotel which is about 5-10 mins away from the airport. The hotel consists of 54 floors and attached to Rinku Station. (convenient) I was expecting the room to be small but it was quite okay for me. Coz I brought along a mother of all check-in bag solely for shopping. And it fit into the room quite okay. I dun have to close the bag to make space for walking.

The toilet seat intrigued me the most as it comes with a few buttons (bidet). They even warm the ass for enjoyment...haha...I love Japan!

Enough of toilet talk.

I took a shower to freshen up myself and off I go to town. Cannot waste any time for shopping! I found a kaki to shop with me. And she's my supervisor.

The train to Osaka Umeda area come every 34 mins. And the journey takes about 62mins one way. It costs us JPY970 (approx. RM35.25). We slept all the way to town coz we worked the whole night.

Once we've arrived, we almost screamed but internally coz it's not proper. People might think that we're crazy or something. The shopping area is underground with a few shopping malls attached to it. Namely Hanshin Shopping Mall, Hankyu Shopping Mall, Dai Maru and etc.

First stop was makan. Coz we din eat much onboard. We got into a quaint little cafe. We sat our ass down and looked at the menu. It was all in Japanese. F&^*! The lady looked at us. She was like, "Oh!" And beckon us to the display window. We felt embarassed but were too hungry to care. We looked around and she came out to take our order.

I managed to order a Sukiyaki (thanks to Mr Husband's love for Jap food) and my supervisor (Ms J) ordered a ramen thingy with ebi tempura. One thing I noticed about the Japanese besides the loud slurping while eating noodles is that they eat fast. The patrons who came in later than us has already finished their meals and left. While we're still taking our own sweet time eating. There was also a sign that says "No Smoking" between 10:30 til 14:00. I wonder why? Is it because that is lunch time and it is not nice for the businessmen to smell of ciggy for the sake of their customers? I have no one to ask this question. It will forever be in my mind.

The main purpose of me going to town is to visit the Rilakkuma Store. Ms J & I walked to KiddyLand. (a big ass shop that sells all kinds of toys namely Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, Snoopy and etc) Rilakkuma Store is located 1 floor up.

The cashier area

The entrance

Me with Rila


I screamed in delight! Luckily no one was around. My supervisor thinks I'm crazy. But I spent almost an hour there. Bought a lot of stuff there. But I wished that the shop was bigger and stock more items that I saw online.

I was a bit upset as well coz I was a day early for the 7th Year anniversary. I saw the setup outside of the shop for the next day's event. The next one I want to visit will be in Tokyo. Start saving money!

The total damage in that hour (approx. JPY 18,000) I can't help myself coz I really really love Rilakkuma.

I will visit the store again once I've reloaded my bullet~


  1. must get one of these bidet install for Ah Mah to use.

  2. yeah i'm sure that she'll love it~


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