Tuesday, August 28, 2012

After the hoo haa is over

I am both glad and upset that Raya holiday is over. Reason ? Glad it's over coz Mat Rock is now back in business. Upset coz the fucking traffic to work is back to normal.

For those who don't know, Mat Rock sells kick ass Nasi Ayam Kunyit and it's so fucking spicy that it numbs the tongue. But equally good. They operate from a van, parked by the road side opposite the Australian High Commission in KL. If we're too lazy to find some place to eat during lunch, we will just tapau from Mat Rock. Ramadhan month was bad coz they were closed for the whole month to observe the fasting month. Now that they are back, the queue to tapau from them is long I tell you. We walk fast therefore we managed to tapau today before the rest of the slow coach arrives.

This morning was shit for me. Why? Coz I woke up late and it was raining heavily. I guess that explains the sleepiness in me. My body knows well and it's a fantastic time to sleep in. But I have to make a living so I woke my ass up and showered. When I got on the road, there's no surprise there. It's fucking jam from the moment I left the apartment. Smooth traffic was probably 5 mins in my 1.5 hours drive. Argh! I hate the traffic in KL.

Anyway, this is a 4 days work week and I really wanna go somewhere nice to relax. Been feeling tense and I can sense the imbalance of my hormones. Depression will probably rear its ugly head soon if I don't do anything about it. Most of the flights are fully booked and now the price of flight tickets is soaring like a muthafucker. I thought of driving somewhere, anywhere and just lie down somewhere and read or blog.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Turning 32 ain't so bad after all....

So, I was dreading turning 32 this year. I love and hate my birthday coz I will get presents and I have to age. It's a double idiosyncrasies, really! I promise myself after this year I will not reveal my age anymore and I shall be forever 25.

Friday (17th August 2012)
Referring back to my previous post here, I got the surprise of my life. I am usually not easily surprised, I don't know why. Intuition maybe ? But I was tired and my bro (yes, she's a girl Ms TEL) planned something mischievious. Just read the post and you'll know what went down. Here are the gifts from my lovely colleagues.

From Ms WC, wrapped in my favourite coffee packaging from Malacca. The Lao Qian White Coffee plastic is thrown away due to many reasons.

From Ms CT. My boss and according to her she chose this coz it says "Kum Cho" on Rilakkuma's body. Kum Cho sounds like cumshot to me and it's typical of me to think of this, so yeah it's so me.

From Mr FO. The earliest birthday gift I received this year. I did not open it til my actual day (saja...) And it is now in Mr Hubs car. He had no choice coz he threw away the previous tissue box holder I got him. 

Saturday (18th August 2012)
I slept the day away knowing that it's gonna be a long weekend. Woke up late afternoon had some food and my lovely Lao Qian White Coffee. Head over to the only hair salon I go to D'Hair in Sri Sentosa to have a trim and re-color my hair. I need to look good for my birthday ok?

If I remember correctly, I did yumchar with Mr Hubs, Ms TEL (my bro) and Mr LSY at Chilla Cup, Subang Avenue. My favourite hangout spot. There can't be a weekend without going there. Love the ambience. And I wished my sister a Happy Birthday at the stroke of midnight coz her birthday is a day before mine.

Sunday (19th August 2012)
Woke up early and head over to CEO, Fahrenheit 88 for K-Lunch. The outing was with Ms ML (my sis..the bday girl), Mr ES (her bf), Mr Hubs, me, Mr ML (my bro..duh) and Mr SI (Lady Gaga's little monster). Got there and start singing our hearts out. I reserve my energy from Friday night coz I know I was too tired on Friday and don't want to lose my voice.

This is a gift from my bro and sister. I call it the controversial keyboard for reasons only a few of us need to know. It was given earlier this week but to make this easier, I shall post this according to events.

 My sis brought along the gift from my bff Ms AY. She's currently in Tawau with her husband Mr JGD and won't be back til September. So she ordered something for me online. It's absolutely fabulous and one of a kind. Love it!

Dinner was spent with my parents and family members at Pantai Seafood Village for both of our birthday. It was a quiet affair with some light chatter and snapping of Instant Photos (my current craze!)

Angpaos from Mom and Grandma. Dad paid for dinner as usual.

The photos of the day. From morning til night time. Cool eh? I kept the good shit (Rilakkuma...expensive shit) for this special occasion.

After dinner, I met up with my best guy friend Mr KB who just got back from Shenzhen last week (i think! coz he's always not around). He asked me what I wanted and I'm never shy from asking. So he got me The Hunger Games trilogy which I will read when I have the time.

Monday (20th August 2012) ---> my actual birth day
When I got home after midnite when it's just 20th, everything starts to go straight to hell. I started vomitting and it's not how I pictured the start of my 32 y.o self as fabulous but instead, I was a vomitting mess. Stomach was bloated and from my point of view looks bigger than my breasts. It's not a good sign. Had to put a lot of ointment to ease the pain. Tried to sleep but couldn't and I got up at 5am and had to drink something to ease the pain. The Milo is expired (great! just great!) and thank God for a big packet of cocoa drink from my bff which she brought back from Tawau from her last visit back home. It helps a little and everything came out again. Vomitus beyond controllus (my own version of Latin). Had some ORS (thank God from my last gastric attack) and I managed to sleep til morning.

I told myself this, I have to eat my mom's homecooked meehoon soup or I'm gonna die. Went and see doc, got myself some antibiotics and wondered whether I had salmonella. Doc told me no, it's just food poisoning. But to me, food poisoning equals "lao sai" (hokkien for diarrhea). He told me there are plenty of symptoms to food poisoning and mine happens to be "just" vomitting. 

So I went home and mom cooked me meehoon despite she herself had a few diarrhea attacks. I am such a lousy daughter. Selfish to the max. And lo and behold, I am right! After eating her meehoon and meds I slept on the couch at my parent's place til 9pm. Woke up and ate somemore meehoon and meds and I felt much better. No more vomitting. My mom's meehoon is a miracle!

Gift from Mr Hubs which I got it before I start vomitting. Didn't have the strength to molest it til the very next next day. Still haven't properly molest it coz my desk is a mess and I have not clear it up and this requires a plug point. Now I have more space for my photos and drama series. Yay! I love this gift okay? If you're reading this, just a bit drama earlier on coz I need to find a plug point for this.

Tuesday (21st August 2012) ----> no longer my birthday
Woke up at a pretty reasonable time coz I've wasted my previous day sick and lying around like a zombie. Do some house cleaning and laundry (no more underwear to wear). Had a light meal at Departure Lounge with Mr Hubs and later Mr KB joined us. 

Contemplating whether to go to KL Convention Centre, Popular's Book Fest or not to meet my favourite author on Childhood Stories Mr Boey. It started to rain and I'm still thinking..... thinking.... will I be able to talk to him ? Or will I be a social pariah when I am unwell? After much thinking, fuck it I'm going coz the coming Saturday I'll be busy with the joint birthday party with Ms JL (yeah...the party goes on... coz we're both fabulous and special!)

Got my book signed. Hell yeah!
Got a photo taken with him. If you want to know more about him and his works, visit his website here. He's kick ass and friendly. He's still around for more book signings if you wanna catch him. Obviously I didn't tell him that this is also part of my birthday thingy. So, his signing my book is my gift from him.

The day has not end. After a light dinner coz I do not want to vomit anymore, I ate very little. To me as long as the food stays in, it's good. Met up with my bro again with Mr LSY, Mr KB and Mr Hubs. She presents my final gift to wrapped up this crazy weekend from my crazy bunch of friends who are now holiday-ing in Boracay Islands.

The casing is an extra gift from my bro (Ms TEL) and the mini Diana F is from Ms JL, Ms CAV, Mr KB, Mr LSY and Ms FN. My camera collection is now complete. I just need to buy some films and learn how to use this baby and I'm good to go.

This year's birthday kick ass! Who said that turning old means no more presents? I do have loads of great friends and family in my life. And I love every single one of you. Thank you for being part of my life and now I feel like vomitting again. I've been hanging on to blog about this and I really have to go!

Love you long time ~~


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Surprise surprise...

It was a long work day for me and I believe for everyone else that can't wait for the long weekend to start. I was one of them, as I am in need of a holiday for a while already. Although this time around I won't be travelling anywhere especially Malacca. I heard that the traffic will be crazy. 

Anyways, back to the main topic of today's blog. I had the surprise of my life yesterday thanks to my lovely colleagues. I was under the guise that it's gonna be a girls' night out. Just the 3 of us singing karaoke at CEO, Fahrenheit 88, KL. When I got there, my sales team mate and some ex-colleagues are there to throw me an early surprise birthday party! 

They are definitely creative with the cake for a start. They bought a chocolate cake and place a Rilakkuma coaster on top of it to act as a Rilakkuma cake with a sweet 16 candle. (wtf?!) Although I've stopped aging after 25, but 16 is too much. According to Miss T, I'm sweet 16...haha

I have to don a birthday princess sash, wear a tiara and carry a wand with star the top. It was a fun experience because I felt like "Sleeping Beauty". 

I receive more Rilakkuma stuff from my lovelies. The biggest "liong" thing was a gift from Miss WC, she placed my presents inside a coffee bag. Her explanation was that it was my favourite brand of coffee from Malacca. Sales people are really good at objection handling I tell you. In fact, I am impressed. My boss got me Rilakkuma earphones and it's pink!

It was a fun night of craziness and chugging of beer. Although I was pretty quiet, I enjoyed every minute of it. I did not sing much because I was tired from the whole week's work and the rest were performing so well. 

Special thanks to Ms TEL, Ms WC, Ms CT, Mr DK, Mr FO, Mr AL, Ms FN and Ms AT. I love you guys! Stay cool~

Monday, August 13, 2012


I feel bad today. I've hurt my friends feelings. I don't know what to do. Either way it feels wrong. I cannot face them. I am thankful for what they've done, I really am but but but.....there are just too many buts. Sigh. I wish I could turn back the hands of time. But I'm no God. I feel helpless....

Being fabulous

I've always thought that when I turn 25, I'm gonna be super fabulous and everyone wants to be me and want to get to know me. People will be lining up to be my friend. Boy, was I wrong. I'm turning 32 soon and I'm nowhere near fabulousity.

When I was 18, I dreamt that when I can drink legally, I'll be throwing the best birthday bash for my fabulous self ever seen in this universe. It will rival any Playboy Mansion parties ever and to the party planner, you can suck on my lollipop. But the dream was never realised and I start to dread celebrating my birthday.

Being an asshole Leo suck big time coz there's no way of accepting mediocrity in anything. It's either great or it sucks. Either way is acceptable.

Regardless of my current hatred for birthday parties and wedding parties, I still love accepting presents. It boosts my ego to high heaven.

Here is a photo to prove that I am fabulous in my own way. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bigger than life

I haven't been blogging for a while, it felt like I've abandoned a big part of my life. Time was something that I used to have a lot, I can't say the same for now. Friends had been asking me why I never call them anymore. It's not that I don't want to. I'm busy and tired most of the time. And I felt bad as well coz I haven't gone home to see my parents for a while.

I'm no longer young and not the world most healthy person with no exercise whatsoever all my life, I no longer have the stamina to be constantly here, there and everywhere. There's nothing and no one to blame for this. I just need to step up.

My current dilemma now after attending yesterday's Camera Expo 2012 is DSLR or Micro Four Thirds. There are too many questions playing in my head. 650D, 60D, NEX 3 or EOS M (Oct 2012).
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