Tuesday, August 28, 2012

After the hoo haa is over

I am both glad and upset that Raya holiday is over. Reason ? Glad it's over coz Mat Rock is now back in business. Upset coz the fucking traffic to work is back to normal.

For those who don't know, Mat Rock sells kick ass Nasi Ayam Kunyit and it's so fucking spicy that it numbs the tongue. But equally good. They operate from a van, parked by the road side opposite the Australian High Commission in KL. If we're too lazy to find some place to eat during lunch, we will just tapau from Mat Rock. Ramadhan month was bad coz they were closed for the whole month to observe the fasting month. Now that they are back, the queue to tapau from them is long I tell you. We walk fast therefore we managed to tapau today before the rest of the slow coach arrives.

This morning was shit for me. Why? Coz I woke up late and it was raining heavily. I guess that explains the sleepiness in me. My body knows well and it's a fantastic time to sleep in. But I have to make a living so I woke my ass up and showered. When I got on the road, there's no surprise there. It's fucking jam from the moment I left the apartment. Smooth traffic was probably 5 mins in my 1.5 hours drive. Argh! I hate the traffic in KL.

Anyway, this is a 4 days work week and I really wanna go somewhere nice to relax. Been feeling tense and I can sense the imbalance of my hormones. Depression will probably rear its ugly head soon if I don't do anything about it. Most of the flights are fully booked and now the price of flight tickets is soaring like a muthafucker. I thought of driving somewhere, anywhere and just lie down somewhere and read or blog.


  1. I know a good place u can go GF.
    I've been to rumah rehat adeline and it's Amazing n not forgettin she's n excellent cook

    1. it's quite jungle-ish no? i'm scared of bugs and leeches woman....


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