Monday, August 13, 2012

Being fabulous

I've always thought that when I turn 25, I'm gonna be super fabulous and everyone wants to be me and want to get to know me. People will be lining up to be my friend. Boy, was I wrong. I'm turning 32 soon and I'm nowhere near fabulousity.

When I was 18, I dreamt that when I can drink legally, I'll be throwing the best birthday bash for my fabulous self ever seen in this universe. It will rival any Playboy Mansion parties ever and to the party planner, you can suck on my lollipop. But the dream was never realised and I start to dread celebrating my birthday.

Being an asshole Leo suck big time coz there's no way of accepting mediocrity in anything. It's either great or it sucks. Either way is acceptable.

Regardless of my current hatred for birthday parties and wedding parties, I still love accepting presents. It boosts my ego to high heaven.

Here is a photo to prove that I am fabulous in my own way. 


  1. You Go GF..Age is only a number,but we're always young at heart which makes us FABULOUS:}


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